about me


Life totally changed in Fall 2014!  I’m a NYC gal in a JAX world!  Join me on my new journey through my 30’s!
– still living, laughing, loving & learning along the way.
name: Kimberly Frye
nickname: Kimmy
city: Jacksonville, FL
age: 30 /scorpio
education: MBA Retail & Marketing, Columbia Business School & BA Economics, Magna Cum Laude – Spelman College ’05
career: Licensing Director @ IMG Worldwide
enjoys: friends & fam, brunch & dinners,  great tunes, travel, shopping & Oprah Radio
fave color: pink & blue

6 thoughts on “about me

  1. what lounge do you own?? and whats the name of your book? your a jack of all trades…i luv it!!

  2. OMG, congrats on all that you have accomplish in life. I saw you the other night at a party and you look great, and doing great things, continue to be more successful in life.

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