What kind of Bride am I?

So when you’re a girl’s girl like me, you plan your wedding your whole life (pending groom of course)… and with each new set of life experiences, you tweak the plan from getting married in Orlando, FL at Disney World (because you’re a princess, duh!) to dreams of lavish estate weddings with guests helicoptered in… and then you get engaged at 30 and realize that none of that is your reality!

This weekend I continued my hunt for the perfect wedding venue. It’s truly something I love to do and I’ve learned so much about what kind of bride I want to be.  After checking out 5 venues in the Hudson Valley that fit the bill for my dream “NYC Rustic Chic Wedding” I quickly realized that dressing up a dusty barn or renting out a cottage is not my “wedding me” and couldn’t be any farther from “us”.

I also couldn’t get into the concept that any place 90 Minutes north of NYC would be inconvenient for literally EVERYONE whether they’re living in NYC or travelling into NYC from out of town.  I don’t want that, I don’t want a single “eye roll” of “another inconvenient wedding” on some attempt to be different and charming.  I  realize that I just want an easy, lovely and fun time for all my  family and friends in a way that actually represents who we are.  We’ll see what that turns out to be – my guess is trying my best to re-create a fancier version of my epic Revel Brunch Parties!

I’ll review all my venues in a future post, but this one was just to say, that it was an interesting discovery to learn that I’m not  the type of bride I always thought I’d be… Maybe it’s because I’ll be a 31 year old bride? Probably.  I simply just “get” that no one wants to break the bank or have to get bused to a far out venue or stay in a bad hotel somewhere just because we’re getting hitched!




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