30 days left at 30

Almost one year ago, I moved to JAX.  I just swore I’d start blogging again and keep track of my new life at 30 in a new city…and I did no such thing! In my 30 final days of being 30 and on my new journey in JAX, i’m making a commitment to doing this daily! Writing and connecting is my “thing”, so i’m re-launching my blog as a way to tap back into my love for writing, creativity and connection.  The whole internet is totally different from when I blogged 5 years ago, I haven’t keep up with the websites just yet, so i’ll remain old-school and blog until I figure out something more modern.

My passions in life are living, laughing, loving and learning — and sharing all of the above.  I love the relationships in my life over all things, helping others find their way in life, love and career.  It’s simple, but true.  My posts will be a mixture of daily musings, wedding planning & research, advice and my perspectives in general…maybe some reviews and pics… we’ll see!

I’m excited about this as it’s a dream to have my own column one day in Essence and be featured in Elle…and then be my own version of Oprah meets Kathi Lee and Hoda! Had to put it out there! Wish me luck 😉



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