Spelman Thy Name We Praise…

Check me out with my bestie…on Spelman & life 🙂




2 thoughts on “Spelman Thy Name We Praise…

  1. I like this little series, very interesting. I think that some of the other Elite HBCU’s also have that type of affect on its students and alum. The collegiate experience is all about transformation and coming into your own and it seems that these elite HBCU’s(Hampton,Howard,Spellman, Morehouse, Tuskegee) definitely play a huge role into who everyone eventually becomes. Also coming from one of the Elite shool’s listed above, I know that my school had a HUGE impact on me!
    keep up the good work. You should make this into more than a Spellman thing, it would be interesting to get perspective’s of other people from other schools.

  2. i was just talking about this last night with a girl friend of mine. i would NEVER change my decision about going to Spelman. you can’t replace that experience or joining that legacy with anything…

    @ian: there’s only one “l” in Spelman

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