re: vision boards

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM! They can be abstract, they can be specific, they can be generic – whatever you want. Collages, words, images, it really is best done however you see fit!

I have 2 sources of vision boards & I think they’re equally effective.

The first is the one that hangs in my room. It’s kind of like a hodge podge of sayings, affirmations, pictures, etc.  I don’t pay too much attention to it, but it’s there by my door and a great way for me to remember key phrases (like “sky’s the limit!”) as I start my day 🙂

The second is SUPER easy and a great way to tuck things away of all kind without weighing to heavily on when they do & do not come true.  They’re just there.  It’s what I call my “vision board-folder” and it sits on my desktop.  I drag and drop pictures, images, websites, careers, classes, trips, a BUDGET, whatever I want to focus my subconscious on (and it’s been quite busy!).

Today I took a little peek in the folder for the first time in a long time and I see a writing class, Columbia Bschool, NYU, David Yurman earrings, a budget, and even a picture of the Eiffel Tower!   I’ve been checking off my visions one by one and it’s really quite surprising.   All of them have not yet been achieved (no Loubiton’s and I still haven’t purchased the SATC Full Series Set) but in due time….

I think it’s a good time to revisit my short & long term visions – many upgrades on the horizon!

Life is SO exciting 🙂




3 thoughts on “re: vision boards

  1. The vision board folder is such a great idea!! Especially coz i was trying to decide if i should put up a board in my office.

    I have one in my room filled with words and images. Its great coz its the first thing i see when i wake up and it inspires me for the day.

    All the best with your boards ladies….live your best life now in the words of Lady O 🙂

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