Now THIS is great advertising!

I fell in love with this Tampon commercial .

and googled it and found one that’s even better from the same brand.

I like their approach. Most women are dedicated to the brand they use and will not swap out when it comes to such a personal item.  So there’s only two ways to get new customers.  1. Attract the attention of young teens who only use “cool” things and are new to the market. 2. Do something bold enough to grab the attention of a dedicated user of the competition. I think they achieve both with these ads.  I will give them a trial run next month.

What do you think??




One thought on “Now THIS is great advertising!

  1. i actually ordered my free trial pack after seeing these commercials and let me tell you…i love love love them! i am now a ubykotex girl. their marketing worked on me

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