3 easy ways to be a better date…

I was reading one of those“advice from a real guy” Glamour Mag articles about 3 simple ways to be a better date.  So I asked my best guy friend what his top 3 ways to be a better date…and they were pretty much in line.  Originally, this was just going to be a post for the ladies, but as I reflect on some less than awesome dates, I validate that this definitely applies to dudes as well!

Obama's NY date night

1. Be able to discuss a wide range of topics from silly jokes to pop culture to politics. (He suggests the Daily Beast Cheat Sheet to know at least a little bit about current events!)

2. Be in a great mood. People enjoy positive energy and want to be around that vibe more often. Even if you’re semi-happy, reschedule. (You want to put your best foot forward!)

3. Look nice. (Don’t treat a date like it’s any other day, pay attention to detail, and spruce yourself up a bit! Ladies, get your nails done and throw on some mascara and eyeliner.  Fellas, get a shape up, and if you’re not into paying attention to your outfit, plan it after work)

Just pay a little extra attention to the basics and you’ll get so much farther.

Happy Dating!




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