Streetstyle: Black Ladies Who Lunch

The Studio Museum of Harlem held the annual fundraising luncheon at the Mandarin Oriental last week in NYC. did a street style photo gallery of “Black Ladies Who Lunch” and I absolutely ADORED it!!!  There were a few comments from women who seemed to be offended by “black” being inserted in the title, but I happen to find that ridiculous.   Every week there’s new coverage on the “doom” of the single, educated, beautiful, black woman and I think we’re all a bit over that because it’s poison for the mind.  Flipping through all 68 images made me feel like the girls and I have so much to look forward to!  I sent it to the gals for a little weekend inspiration.

Here’s a sample from Julie Skarratt photography:

Julie Skarratt Photography

you can flip through them all here:

Ladies – enjoy and picture yourself.  Fellas – we age so gracefully, don’t we?




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