life is a rollercoaster: enjoy the ride

During my first summer internship on the customer service team at ERA Real Estate in their corporate offices, the CEO at the time told us “If you gonna do what you did, you gonna get what you got”.   It is almost literally the only thing I remember from that summer 2002 job (other than that I absolutely couldn’t do another summer outside of NYC).

Six months ago a series of conversations, actions, and events that bubbled up into a point where I had to do something drastically different both personally and professionally to get the desired outcomes I want in life.

in real life, there are times where you really have to take a step back to reevaluate your lifewhether you make that choice consciously or the universe does it for you, it must happen. my break was a mixture of the two and it was no accident – i firmly believe in Divine order. i experienced highs and lows in every facet of my life.  i literally saw the best and worst in/of myself and in my relationships (friendships and romantic). subsquently what only got tighter were relationships with family and God. some of the highs were really high and lows really low. but there’s NO DOUBT in my mind or soul, that it all happened to guide me towards my greatest good.  i would not trade a single moment of that 6 month rollercoaster ride in for anything. it is yet to be seen, but i feel that those 6 months of focus turned so much around for me…and all for the BEST! so if you happen to be on a rollercoaster ride of your own, hang in there, your light is at the end of the tunnel too 🙂

(and looking back, i find it hilarious that i just so happened to stereotypically cut all my hair off during that time, whatever.)

with that, i’m happy to be back!  i’ll be back to the usual random thoughts, articles, events, amazing friends, new hustles, etc. there are so many exciting things going on in NY, my broader circle, and in the world these days and i hope to contribute to that shift in some way.



p.s. thank you SO much  for your emails of encouragement to get back into it, articles, keeping in touch, etc. while i was in hiding. and i hope that if u ever had interest in reading, we can pick up where I left off.


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