i LOVE, LOVE pt 2

Yesterday I introduced to you the RADIANT love of Nkechi & Mitch, the soon-to-be husband & wife who met during the Spelhouse Brother/Sister match up!  I requested that I showcase real life happy & true love on my blog.  Asked them the same 5 questions and told them to answer them separately.  If you haven’t read it, please do so, Nkechi answered 5 questions ever so eloquently about her love for her fiance.

Today, I bring to you Mitch’s answers to the same 5 questions.  And I can personally attest that they’re love is this sweet, not made up or exaggerated in the least bit.  I tear up just thinking about it (lol).


photos by Mykwain

photos by Mykwain

Q. how long have you known nkechi was “the one”?

a. When I met Nik I immediately knew that she would make an indelible mark on me. She’s one of those people that others naturally gravitate towards, that you just want to be near, and who smiles with her eyes.  I believe that friendship is essential to the essence of a person and we established, early on, a deep bond.  Think back to the most innocent friendship you had when you were a kid and just how simple and uncomplicated it was, that’s us.

Q. what is your fave thing about her?

A. Above all else, I love Nik’s selflessness. Continuing on that theme of friendship, Nik has always been there for me and, equally as important, she has demanded that I always be there for her. I feel that over the past years I’ve grown tremendously as a person and that personal growth is the result of growing within this relationship.  Additionally, I love, love, love her laugh; the more I hear the more I want to hear, and I find myself doing all I can to get her to laugh.  I also love the way that she smells. Oh yeah, and I love how she can’t keep her eyes open in pictures.

Q. what is your fave thing to do with her?

A. I love discovering new things about and with her. Early in our relationship I spent a lot of time learning about how she became who she was -her favorite movies, favorite foods, most embarrassing moments, and so on.  Now we’re doing all that same discovery only we’re experiencing and establishing who we are together.  And, the greatest aspect of this discovery is it happens all the time, in the most pedestrian settings and in the most exciting ones.

Q. relationships aren’t easy – what makes your relationship “work well”?

A. We exist in the roles that we’re supposed to exist in, that’s what makes our relationship work. We don’t use each other to fulfill things that might be lacking in other relationships with friends, missing family figure, or even unfulfilled personal aspirations. We work well because we have our lives outside of each other. Beyond knowing our roles we also communicate well.  Just being able to express myself to someone who will listen, and ultimately tell me what I need to know, is paramount.

Q. what’s your fave thing to do together in NYC?

A. We talk a lot.  New York is a great place to have great conversation. We talk about big stuff, small stuff and we talk over the phone, over dinner, on the train, on the bus, in Manhattan, in Brooklyn – wherever, whenever, and however. My favorite thing to do together in NYC is to experience NYC with Nik (admittedly I sneak in a joke to hear the laugh too).

photos by Mykwain

photos by Mykwain





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