Times Square

Last night I had an inspiring business dinner with some exceptional black women who I’d never met before (just realized this directly ties to my last post about mixing up your friend scene!).

Afterwards, I got caught in MEAN traffic heading through Times Square to arrive SUPER late to a Surprise Birthday party. He had already been surprised a few hours in at this point & no one was  answering their cell phones to let me know if they were still there/worth the bother.  My patience was running thin with watching the meter go up and the cab go no where at allFrustrated, I asked Mr. Cabbie to pull over and just let me out, I could walk there faster. I probably borderline slammed the door shut, (once my nerves are struck, it’s a wrap) and I knew my mind wasn’t right to celebrate my boy’s special birthday.

In that moment of hysteria, I looked up and had that I ❤ NY moment (that I often speak of) looking directly at the heart of Times Square.


So I decided to take part in the festivities.  All by my lonesome at 11pm, I took a walk up the wonderfully lit red steps (over the TKTS booths) and had a seat. I took a moment to just soak it all in.

There were tourists everywhere. Ppl on dates, families, children, dressed up, dressed down, on laptops, with jamba juice cups, starbucks, iphones/blackberries, cameras, reading books, doing work on laptops, echos of laughter – it was incredibly awesome.

My friends were at Cain, Mansion, Taj, & even still at work, and I was just sitting there in silence appreciating the noisiest place in the country.

I tweeted it, made a couple calls to the people I love the most, and went about my business…

Try it sometime.



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