mix it up!

i go on my fare share of relaxing weekend getaways to “recharge” for someone who loves their career, fam, & friends…but I think that’s one of my keys to happiness :o)

vineyardthis weekend i set out on a quick weekend retreat with friends to Martha’s Vineyard. but instead of travelling with the usual suspects…we MIXED IT UP! there were 6 of us. 5 women & 1 lucky man (and an outstanding Mom). i’d say that each person was close with only 2 other people prior to the trip & familar with the rest.  we were diverse in profession advertising, consulting, retail, finance, & a med school student. we all hailed from the midwest & northeast. hbcu’s & “regular schools” (plug the great harlem heights debate). it wasn’t intentionally organized to be that way, but it really worked out quite well. we talked over drinks/food about everything under the sun.  (and as you could imagine, i loved every. single. minute of it.) instead of late nights & hard liquor at the island house, we sat on the deck with beer & rum punch in red cups. it’s really nice to just sit around and chat in general.  my fave chat was our version of CNN’s “Black in America” not because we came up with any new information, but because it was a passionate dialogue about something that is important to/effects us all.

it’s easy to get comfortable with limiting yourself to spending time with your best friends (yes that’s what you should do most of the time) i’ve never been one for having one circle of friends. too many gems out there in the world to stop meeting people just because i already have great friends (and i swear i have the best).

every now and then it’s a true gift to actually get to know one of the people who you only say “hey” and hug when you see them out. i’m not saying go out & tell new people all your business, hang with them often, trust them, and/or have high expectations (that would be an epic fail).  but i am saying to push yourself to have a real conversation with someone.  you never know that you might have a common interest or be able to exchange information on something career related, travel, or could even be going through something you may have gone through.

diversify your friendship portfolio…makes life more interesting.

(a few people had words with me for not writing, thanks for the push WKF & EG)


p.s. shout out to the “birthday group” shelley, kells, tiff, coco, & noelle – thanks for a great weekend!!


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