i <3 NYC

Summertime is turns all of New York City into tourist grounds…
Part of me absolutely hates tourists.
I do my best to stay away from Herald Square, Times Square, Theater District, South Street Seaport, Chinatown, and all other red alert tourist zones. No different from how they gaze at me in all black with my macbook and a starbucks cup with no smile in site at an airport in Ohio, I look at them crazy in NY. I can’t help but stare and cringe at hideous floral outfits, horrible hair cuts, scrunchies, fanny packs, and large groups in the same t-shirt. They walk slowly and stop dead in their tracks to take yet another look at their subway maps. PLEASE read nyctourists.wordpress.com it’s great comedy.

That said, there’s also a piece of me that loves them. I love the excitement of first time subway riders, the awe in their eyes in Times Square, and the pictures they take of regular sh*t like NYPD, yellow cabs, the park, and skyscrapers. I’m the girl on the subway who engages in convo with them to see what they’re doing while in town, help them navigate their trips, and try to give them something different and local NYC to do.

I absolutely love NYC.

So when times are rough, I take joy in stay-cations. I ask myself what would a tourist do? When I couldn’t go elsewhere for a long weekend, I’ve gone to the Statue of Liberty, visited the top of the empire state building, saw Usher in Chicago on broadway, super long walks through the nooks and crannies of central park, walked across the brooklyn brisge, sailboat rides on the hudson, and lately I can just go sit in the middle of times square. And it’s fun.

There’s nothing better than a city that keeps on giving. It never grows stale.

I ❤ NY


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One thought on “i <3 NYC

  1. I was a NYC tourist back in 06 and I was in absolute awe. No words to describe those incredibly high buildings and that unique atmosphere. It is an amazing city. A lot of people say they love to visit NYC but they don’t ever want to live there. I kind of agree but only because without big bucks I just don’t know if I’d make it there. I hope to go back and visit.

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