a great Daily Word

I receive a “Daily Word”, well…daily.

treat yourself
treat yourself

Honestly, I’m not super-religious, thus, many of the daily scriptures & such don’t move me like they’re intended to.  But i’ve found GREAT JOY in receiving these because they’ve got a dose of religion mixed with a host of positivity and spiritual energy, which is more my speed.

I forward out the ones that move me sometimes & if i REALLY feel it, I print it out & put it up in clear sight at work as a constant reminder This one is one of those I print out & stick on front & center on my monitor.

Wanted to share šŸ™‚

Today’s Daily Word – Monday, July 27, 2009
Thank You!I am grateful!

Starting the day in gratitude, my first prayer is Thank You, God! I am
grateful for beauty and love, for surprises and excitement, for
friendship and community, and for the presence of God in all.

Even if I may be going through a challenging experience, I am
grateful, for I know that good will come from it.
Will I learn of
inner strength that I didn’t know I had? Will I gain a renewed
appreciation for my life and the people in it?

I am grateful for my present circumstances, for I know they offer
opportunities for growth. I thank God for the life I have been given
and the life I am creating by seeing the good in all that comes before

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving.”–Psalm 95:2

So I started my Monday with great energy to carry out through the week! I dropped off my laundry & dry cleaning, picked up some Vitamin E Oil to clear up a horrible scar on my knee as advised, and bought myself some flowers for added joy at my desk šŸ™‚

Have a great week!

One thought on “a great Daily Word

  1. I had a day like this back in 83. We didn’t have blogs then so I wrote a song to commemorate it, you might have heard it.

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