finding your match: in career.

Like many 20somethings across the globe who are unsure about their career progression, last summer, I was in the process of applying to business school (with the help of a fantastic minority prep program MLT, if you’re considering b-school in 2011, apply this fall). But I wasn’t fully sure that I wanted to go.  My Dad went to Wharton, my brother went to HBS, I inspired my coworker to go to HBS, and my then roomie went too, and a host of others were following the same path. I knew I could do it too, but something inside me felt like it wasn’t the right move FOR ME at that time. I had a great essay story crafted and I was working on raising my GMAT score, but I wasn’t sure I was running towards anything, just knew I was running from a job I desperately wanted to leave. I knew that grad school loans are a huge financial investment for something I wasn’t so sure about.

Exactly one year ago today I got the call that I was hired at  That call was the answer to my prayer that God would show me the path I was supposed to set out on away from my desk. I went on a few failed interviews prior to drjays (and i’ll admit the rejection hurt) but what I now know for sure is that those jobs I did not get were blessings in disguise.

In my last months of misery at my old job I was dedicated to figuring out a dream job (literally, that’s all i did & talked about with my coworkers, I wouldn’t advise you to do the same). Everyday I had some new epiphany for what I  wanted in my career path – I was totally obsessed with figuring out what was up next. I came up with ideas that were far-fetched and some that were realistic and kept a long list of all of them to see if there were any themes.  They were all creative, social & free-spirited (none of which did my last position at L&T have).

Take a look at the jobs I considered and applied for:

  • Buyer (obviously)
  • Fashion Editor
  • Event Planner
  • Radio Host
  • Receptionist (I kid u not)
  • Boutique sales associate –> owner
  • *flexible wardrobe & schedule preferred

I now work in an environment where I come in dressed how I please, I buy product that is strongly tied to pop culture, I write an occasional buyers blog, I totally run my own multi-million dollar portion of the drjays business, & I even sit in the front of  the office , so I dub as a receptionist! On the side I plan/host (and attend of course) events, write a lifestyle blog, & join in on a weekly blog radio show!

God has been so good to me.

With that said, this is my major push for what I want you to take akway from this post. If you are unhappy in your current job or with unemployment, you do not have to remain that way.

  1. Think about your strengths and interests (and be honest with yourself please)
  2. List out ALL the possibilties of things you would not only enjoy but perform well in.
  3. Talk it out with people who will ‘keep it real’ and encourage you to do what is in YOUR best interest. (Note, sometimes your parents, significant others, and boss, have THEIR best interest in mind).
  4. Meet people who do or have done those things & see if the job is really what you think it is. (jobs aren’t always what they seem & often vary from company to company, those people have insight)
  5. Trial and error is key (not everyone will instantly find dream job, the more jobs u try, the closer you get)
  6. Understand the process of getting where you want to be and see if you’re willing to PUT IN the WORK
  7. PRAY ON IT!

everything happens in Divine (perfect) order…so SMILE you‘re already en route!!


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9 thoughts on “finding your match: in career.

  1. Kimmie! Thank you once again for sharing an on time message with your readers. I currently have a great job. I am truly blessed but often times I feel like something is missing..not feeling fulfilled like im not doing what I was created to really do. I am an IT Proj Manager and I do very well financially. I am on the road to be promoted and I realize Im blessed cosidering the times we live in however I am a creative girl at heart. I love fashion, art, great entertainment (mainly the underground stuff that only a select few know about), and providing a beautiful space (home decor, cooking, entertaining). Here’s whats weird about it…before anyone else went back to rocking the hot hair cuts that all are wearing now, I went back to them like 3 years ago….its like i knew to do it…just an instinct. I am that way with hot bags, shoes, and clothes. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, however I will use your template to begin the process. I thought of starting a blog site. Kim, if you have any suggestions, I am open to them. Thank you again for this entry. WHAT A BLESSING!

  2. LOVE IT! I can so relate to this post. Up until last year I was stuck in a job with no growth and I was completely miserable! My job didn’t allow me to indulge in any of my passions…of which I have many, lol. I was so miserable at work that it literally showed on my face and all I could do is dream of my escape and life on the “other side” I took a leap of faith and applied for a two part job that I was both over and under qualified for, but clearly there was a bigger plan in store for me because they hired me! Now I’m in a TOTALLY different profession from what I studied in college, but I still manage to practice my passion on the side, while finding my niche in this new world from 9-5. I work for an internationally recognized publishing brand, travel the world, come dressed as I please, have the support of my company to grow in my position and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

  3. Oooh. This is some good stuff. I don’t hate my job. It pays well. I’m living comfortably in NYC. But my job is what I consider work. They say if you love what you’re doing, it’s not considered work. So that’s where I need to be. Lovin my effin job!!!

    I have my “list” of dream job characteristics. It’s so random. In fact, it’s all over the place. I wish there was a calculator online where I can just dump all these words in and it’ll spit out my dream job. Eh!! Not so much. That’ll be too easy.

    So I have my list… next is networking? gathering resources? find funding? educating myself? I’m sure I can put this Masters in Project Management to work. It’s some business bullsh!t. It should apply, no?

    So yea… I’m clueless. HELP!!!

    Good Read! Hope it sheds some light on my direction-less life.


    Natalie Naomi

  4. @Natalie…LOL you are too funny. But I think that Project Management degree should work wonders for you. my Masters is in Organizational Leadership (more business bullshit, lol…there was a project management section to it) and it landed me in an HR role, so if you’re loving your current job I would say look for positions there that your Masters would be an asset to. Also, look outside the box, usually when you take programs, they narrow your job fields for you, but that program is broad enough that you can use it in any area. I have NO HR experience, but off the strength of what I picked up in my M.S. program I landed this job so it’s possible.

  5. Love it!!! This was a great read and very true! I’m so grateful to be in my current job (heart it).

  6. I am in agreement with you Ms. Frye! I’ve been at that place (as you know.. right along with you in MLT) and was waiting for God to show me what he wanted me to do, and WHEN he wanted me to do it. God’s always behind the scenes working on our behalf. As a twenty something we will go through this discovery process more than once, and as frustrating as it is…its encouraging to know that when God allows us to feel that itch of a new career etc, it’s only because he has something bigger and better for us. Love him for it! Thanks for sharing this!

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