where are all the singles??

In honor of yesterday’s dialogue I found an interesting pictoral representation of where all the singles are… check it out!!

the blue circles represent where there are more single men than women, red show more single women than men..the bigger the circle the more vast the gap (pause).

from whosyourcity.com

from whosyourcity.com

Ladies – things are bigger in Texas & Cali (and we can begin sinning in Vegas too)!

Men – book that boys trip to NYC, ATL, & Miami…immediately




4 thoughts on “where are all the singles??

  1. Ha.. This is hilarious.. lol.. I already live in new york kim.. Guess ATL is my next move huh.. I did always here that I need a southern woman to slow my new york ass down.. lol..

  2. Hi Kim…let me start by saying I absolutely love your blog. I hope you are not offended by my calling you Kim. I live in Chicago however I love love love NYC. In fact my last 2 boyfriends have lived in NY. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Id love your opinion on places to party, eat, and shop in the future. Keep up the great blogging. Take care! Leah

  3. Chuck – yes, a little southern hospitality would warm your NY heart

    Pascalle – Phoenix is BEAUTIFUL (& Scottsdale of course)!! Was there in February.. fab times ahead for you 🙂

    Leah – THANK YOU!!! Chicago is fantastic too. Did a last minute girls weekend trip in April. I never spend enough time there…thanks for the tip, i’ll do a fave city spot thing soon!!

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