Martha’s Vineyard ’09

south beach bbq - MV '09

south beach bbq - MV '09

everyone was thrown in...

everyone was thrown in...

island house let out on Circuit (all photos from Lauren Scott)

island house let out on Circuit (all photos from Lauren Scott)

While I did visit once or twice in my childhood,I’m not ‘that kid’ who grew up spending summers in the Vineyard or Sag Harbor.  I was in Jack and Jill, but my mom always gave me the option to not participate, I also opted out of the Links’ Bi-Annual Cotillion (my mom was thrilled she didn’t have to go thru all of that) My dad is an Omega and a Mason, my mother (and soror) is an AKA, but greek life was never imposed on me & my brother. Mr. & Mrs. Frye are 1st generation middle class parents who worked hard to give their family what they didn’t have. Ended up exposing me and my siblings to “our kind of people” and they weren’t “only ones”. Rather than summers in any one place we were always on the go sight seeing a different part of the country or the world even.

So I never really understood the whole Martha’s Vineyard summers thing. I always figured that going to the same place, same time of year, with the same people, doing the same thing, doesn’t really offer any newness to anyone involved. Over the past few years during 4th of july weekend with my extended family (friends) who grew up this way. And while I’ve always enjoyed myself, up until this weekend, I still didn’t get all the hype.  But it finally set in for me.

Summer in Oak Bluffs or Sag Harbor, depending on the weekend, or where your family lives, isn’t about newness at all it’s about togetherness. Unplugging and recharging with the people who energize you the most – family and friends. It’s also about tradition and getting your zen back (note, I did not use the word swag there) in a place where there isn’t really sh*t else to do but eat, drink, relax and be merry. I’ve always said that I would have a ball in the depths of hell with my closest friends because it’s never about where you are, but who you’re with. MV/ Sag Harbor is but a lovely and familiar backdrop for this.

Maybe I saw MV thru a different lens this time. Instead of seeing us as a bunch of kids getting wasted in a remote location, I saw old friends reuniting and reminsicing, all the while creating new bonds and memories to look back on. I saw young adults enjoying the last few years of selfish fun before we have to factor in spouses and children into our plans. But when you walk around you see that the awesome part is that once you do have to consider a family, there are few places that are so perfect to bring the whole gang and have everyone play together: husbands, wives, children, parents…it’s all inclusive!

I also saw a host of talented, successful, and extremely fun unmarried men and women who reside in NYC. Not an engagement ring in site (but that’s another post for another day).

Anyhow, I had a ball this weekend, shout out to all who were there celebrating the birthday of this awesome free nation (island house, nancy’s, sandbar, the watson home, the stewart residence-dorms, all the chicken, steak, and bbq I tore up this weekend!) Highlights: getting tossed in the pool at the bbq,  the most awesome collection of blacks doing an array of line up dances (cha cha & electric slides), sandbar summer soiree, and the Michael Jackson tribute going on in the corner of the house party…the best of times.

Hope you had a fab time wherever u were (anyone want to give me an Essence or Taste run down?? I’ll post ’em)!

I’m back – hair blown out this morning – feeling awesome.  Looks like summer in the city has finally arrived!!!

(And I’m back to my daily 1pm post!)


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2 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard ’09

  1. I am glad you had a great time.. and that you are back… now I can get my fix, lol…

  2. I did MV/Oak Bluffs for the 1st time last summer, it was great, very different for me since I’m a deep southern boy with summers mostly spent on 3 and 4 hour drives to Florida beaches…

    MV is certainly a great time and you described it prefectly, mostly filled with upwardly mobile twenty something blacks, married and married w/children types, I wasn’t able to make it up there this year but I did spend my last year proudly wearing my Marth’s Vineyard and Black Dog T-Shirts all year.

    I’ll try to make it back next year….LOL and I took a picture of the beach bbq that looks almost exactly the same as the one you posted lol!

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