my Dereon reps gave me tickets to see Bey live @ MSG for her I Am…Sasha Fierce Tour (jobs with perks are crucial)!!!


Here’s my timeline for the show:

Sunday ladies are tweeting relentlessly about prepping for Bey at MSG, small part of me is jealous, but I get over it very quickly because I know beggers cannot be choosers.

Sunday night at 9 I get this image from my bff at the 1st MSG performance. I instantly get psyched.


Wake up monday morning and pre-game at the desk with Beyonce imeem playlist, and then a Beyonce pandora station. My boss, who will also be at the concert monday night jokes about my enthusiasm.

By midday I’m on bey-overload and move on to an swv/jodeci/tlc/aaliyah/boyz 2 men pandora station (try it)

7pm arrive at Jess’ apt – all of us outfitted in my Dereon freebie lyric t-shirts… (Jess had “hold me tighter than my dereon jeans, nkechi had on ‘put a ring on it’ and i wore my ‘diva definition’ tee)

8pm arrive at MSG thankfully missed the opening act and were uber delighted to find ourselves sitting in prime seats

830pm Bey hits the stage, Jay came out (and later sat directly behind us) I went NUTS & it was pretty much all a blur after that (and I don’t want to spoil it anymore than what’s already been done for anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet)

My Top 5 Takeaways from the Concert:

1. Beyonce & Jay-Z belong together.  During the whole Election 2008 Hope/Change 1st black family thing I was convinced that the Obamas trumped the Carters (and we KNOW how I feel about them). But after last night, I’m back to feeling like the Carters might have the Obamas beat. Wrong as I may be, there’s a small part of me that thinks the success of black ‘superstars’ such as the Carters paved a decent slice of the Obama’s rise to the White House.  It’s a sneak attack, but what a lot of people hadn’t realized is that acceptance of blacks to ‘entertain’ slowly but surely ended up in Obama’s celebrity status turned presidency.  This is literally the first time I thought about it this way, but I might be on to something big here…

2. Beyonce is for sure an outlier.  10,000 hours plus will have your a** performing a decade’s worth of HITS in 4 inch heels, with all kinds of extra sh*t going on.  I came up with an idea, correct me if i’m wrong, but I’m starting to think she’s not human, which makes sense because Jay-Z would only marry an angel.

3. Beyonce will have you walking out on your man on site.  Trust & believe if there’s the smallest part of you that’s ready to move on, that will be maximized during a Beyonce concert. Husbands, Boyfriends, Stringers, & Jump Offs beware!! That chick SPECIALIZES in empowering a woman to WALK OUT on any kind of foolishness & has a song for every stage of the walk out.  Pretty sure some break up texts were sent in NY the last couple of nights thanks to seeing the following live @ MSG: Put A Ring On It, Irreplacable, Me Myself & I (and Jay-Z, she’s not tricking me), Kitty Kat, Independent Women, Bills Bills Bills…and the list gets heavier if you include songs that make a woman feel too hot to put up with you (freakum dress, check on it, get me bodied, upgrade you, etc)… her track listing is just quite incredible.

4. Jay-Z taught Beyonce swag.  During her best rendition of her hubby’s verse of upgrade you, performed directly in front of him, she really gave me Hov. and that’s impressive. I also would like to add that watching Jay, watch Beyonce, was equally satisfying as watching Bey.

5. Beyonce just reclaimed a top singing position in my book.  She’s now tied with Celine Dion, who I saw live last fall, the most pure sound known to man.

Honorable mention:

Some people take celebrities too seriously! Her superfan had a Beyonce (as written in the B-Day album) tattoo on his forearm as well as “beyonce” written into his black boy mohawk (and yes, I take Jay Z & President Obama seriously, but i’m hova tat-free to date…but i just got an idea, lol) Anyway, that dude’s life was made last night, shout out to him.

Hmm...looks like i just made the “beyonce” concert about jay-z.… but that happens sometimes when you’re married to Jay-Z (there was a point when my entire section turned to face and steal pics of Hov rather than watch Beyonce).

With all that said – if you don’t have a ticket to see her when she comes to your city (or Essence) – get on your job…




One thought on “BEYONCE!

  1. Saw her in concert in 07 at MSG. It was AMAZING-I gained so much respect for her as a performer after that. Thus began my “Beyonce” state of mind! I’ve got to trek to another city to see her now, this is ridic!

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