be kind to strangers sometimes

this is from yesterday…….

Discovered that I lost my debit card at some point between paying for my tasty dinner at Lupa (shout to my lil sis Lauren! who had to make reservations a month in advance…) and dinner with yet another Jersey girl (hey toy!) at City Crab the following night.

I hustle over to Wachovia (in Harlem), signed up for a new card, and then walked over to the regular line to make a deposit – politely walked around the lady who was standing in my way in line (hmm, in hindsight, someone standing in your way in line, is technically just in front of you in line, lol).

She sighs super heavy at me and says  “un. be. lievable.” I swear I didn’t know she was in line, thought she was just standing in my way at the deposit slip counter.

I said “oh, i’m sorry ma’am, didn’t know you were in line, you can totally go in front of me.”

“Nah, it’s whatever” she wasn’t too pleased.

It is true that I don’t wait in lines at most places because I do think that lines were only created for people who think they have to stand in them. But at the bank, I follow the rules, i’m not that bad. And I really didn’t want to be starting something with her (would’ve been different if I were downtown, i’m sure of it, but I pick my battles wisely). When she’s done with her deposit slip, I’m next in line, so I remained polite, turn to her , and say “Ma’am you can go ahead of me.”

She says “i’m sorry, it’s just that I parked in front of the fire hydrant, and I have to deposit this money so I don’t get charged an overdraft fee, and if i get a ticket while i’m in here, that’ll just kill me.  you know the gas costed too much yesterday when i filled up my tank, and they’ll charge me $30 if I overdraft even a penny.  I  just need to hurry up and get out of here. I don’t even like the bank, only keep an account to pay my bills….” and she went on until it was her turn to step up to the teller.  The whole time I nodded & looked interested in her convo.

Lord for sure knows that on MOST days I wouldn’t have been so friendly and accomodating.  I’m usually competitive in such scenarios (I got a big EGO).  But I’ve been charged overdraft fees when I don’t have it to be charged.  Not cool. I’ve gotten a ticket at inopportune times.  Again, not cool. And  this morning she clearly needed someone to vent to – and today I was there.

So there’s lessons in every little piece of life if you pay attention. In NYC it’s normal to be an a** to strangers, because that’s our culture. But once in a while, go ahead, and play nice.




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