“This Morning”


I go on about how blessed I am to be surrounded by some of the most superb women on the planet. They are absolutely some of the most beautiful (inner/outer beauty), gifted, & inspiring people I know. Below is the perfect example of why I thank God daily for the fantastic people in my life.

Today’s post is from the most RADIANT girl I know. She’s a very dear friend of mine, she literally glows in every way & this morning she sent the most fantastic message to her close girlfriends that needs to be shared with my readers… n35601470_31376786_6928554

Enjoy the morning message from the ultimate lady – Nkechi.

(she wrote all of it, i highlighted key points in this color)

date Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 10:25 AM
subject this morning…
mailed-by gmail.com

Morning Girls,

I hope everyone is doing really well. I woke up at 9am to the calm breeze of what should be a beautiful day. Then I started to reflect on how grateful I am to be able to take this breath in good physical and emotional health. Then I realized that this calm in my spirit mainly comes when I’m being truly authentic to who I am. That thought instinctively brought me back to a wonderful dinner I had last week with women that have lived a little more life than I have (this goes beyond age as most of them are at least 40 and fab).

After dinner I started to think about authenticity in all forms. Being an authentic person when nobody is looking and when you think that all eyes are on you; authentic in the work that I do and the dreams that I have. Authenticity to self is most important. It will allow me to continue to walk my customized path. Authentic in not building relationships out of envy or trying to emulate other people. All these women – actress, entrepreneurs, editors (and their field of work only describes fragments of who they are) made me realize that if I continue down my road of authenticity that my journey albeit a little bumpy and imperfect, is exactly the road that was created for me. I don’t need to be everywhere, be seen in every situation to feel complete, nor to I need to jump in anyone’s sunshine... there’s enough for everyone to share and enjoy. Privately, when we linger an extra minute or so at the mirror and look into our own eyes, only we know how true we are being to ourselves.

peace, blessings, hugs, and kisses.





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