Weekend in Review…

After a treachorous week, Thursday the girlies and I hit the streets for a much needed girls night out! (if it’s been a while since your last boys night or girls night our, schedule one NOW, they do the trick) We kicked off the evening at Greenhouse for the birthday celebration for the uber-fabulous Publicist extraordinaire- Daniel Dejene!!! There were fierce men and women all through the building. We had a ball! Note*it was the first time I heard D.O.A. In the club-doesn’t go as hard as I want it to, damn.

Post-Greenhouse we caravanned over to the only major bottle poppin scene in the city on a Thursday night – Mansion (does anyone actually call it M2??). Wow! That party gets crazier by the week. I must recommend that you don’t go if you’re not at a table at this point. It’s a straight up zoo & a fantastic time when intoxicated.  I had all my besties out (“bad click on the stroll” Lil Kim), we partied hard. Man of the season, Drake, was in the building semi-performing from his table.

All in all, it made for an unproductive friday (hence no blogging).

After a little golfing in the morning & lunch at the wonderful 5 Napkin Burger,
I headed down to my dearest Fort Greene, BK for the ‘crawfish boil/latex/2009’. It was also crazy. Never before have I seen so many black girls willing to stand in the rain to kick it. People are deciding to take the season in their own hands and kick it like it’s not sh*tty out – and I endorse this behavior. By the time I arrived everyone had been reuniting, sucking on crawfish, and drinking for hours. I knew it was useless to try and catch up, so I remained sober. A few of the homies attempted to do Habana, but that just doesn’t work as well with umbrellas – eh, we tried.
Went from there to dinner at BARMARCHE, one of my fave default restaurants in NYC (cute for girlfriends, coed groups, and dates – tasty, great ambience, and affordable). Afterwards, we walked over to meet up with more friends at a sexy penthouse/rooftop party scene in the LES. I declared a one drink and go early night, and that’s just what I did…exited stage left as soon as I finished my ketel one gimlet (before the gang got it in at Mansion again – phew!).

Sunday I hit the big apple bbq festival at Madison Square Park. (If you didn’t know about this, it’s partially my fault for being too hungover to remind you to go, oops.) Basically the park tranforms into a beer garden and madison ave becomes bbq stands from some of the best places in the nation ans serve you a serving of their choice for $8. Not sure if I’ve ever publicly admitted this, but although I am ‘slim’ as they call me in the streets, I can put down some food! I started at 17th st bbq from Memphis, TN and ate those ribs and baked beans while standing in line for Salt Lick bbq’s brisket and sausage from TX. Sat down to eat that, took a breather, and got back in the game when I finished off my girls’ ribs from Blue Smoke .

I didn’t watch the Lakers win the Finals because I honestly didn’t care.

Full weekendtrying to think of my fave lesson learned…Oh! It’s this: be open to kicking it with different people. Sunday afternoon I had a BALL hanging with friends of friends who I’d never spent time with before. I’m sure it’ll be the first of many fun times we’ll have going forward. So, take your cool off, don’t miss out on a good time with new people.



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