Who really took a chance: Michelle or Barack?

Yesterday’s article of the day was sent to me 3 times. “What Single Women Can Learn From Michelle”, by a friend of a friend Jenee Desmond-Harris, a Howard/HLS alum. We ALL want to learn something from Michelle – especially how to snag a Barack of our own!

Read for yourself here:http://www.theroot.com/views/what-single-women-can-learn-michelle?page=0,0
I loved it, sent it out to all the single ladies, totally feel her, she had many strong points about giving the guy with big ears, bad dance moves, tapered pants,  or some manageable flaw a chance. Agreed. Women should let up on little things that will not make a big difference in who the guy is and how he’ll treat you.

When it was sent out to my email discussion group, filled with future versions of barack and michelle (shout to Top 5 dead or alive) it spurred a healthy (and lengthy) debate about 2 things:

1. Was Barack really a chance choice for michelle? No!! Yes, his ears were big and his name is Barack, but he was a Columbia/HLS, tall, charismatic, cute, and yet still humbled dude. Does this dude look like Michelle was taking a chance?  not to me.

i'd date him tomorrow

i'd date him tomorrow

here are some reactions from the ladies on the email:

“however, let me just say for the record, that Barack is cute.  Maybe he got cuter, but he was never busted.”

“zero risk for michelle.  BO took a bigger risk.  that girl was not cute in the 90’s and is big and gawky.  and you never know what the cousin circuit is with a south sider.”

Michelle Obama in her late teens...

Michelle Obama in her late teens...

2. The women seem to feel that we shouldn’t have to settle because a chance doesn’t really have to be taken on us.


“Aside from a sincere desire to make certain any children I may have value and respect women as capable leaders and professionals, I just care less and less about the faux power couple facade bullshit. After all is said and done you have to like the time you’re spending with someone and respect them and enjoy them”


“maybe i live in a bubble.  but for the most part, my close crew of girls are:  black professional grad school educated upwardly-mobile [beautiful] women. WHO ARE ALSO spiritual, kind-hearted, FUNNY AS SHIT, greater service of others/community, into black love, love good music, can create and/or enjoy good grub, enjoy hoops, are creative, and enjoy hearty laughs.  Is this a rare combo? ABSOLUTELY.  hope you got one on your team.”

said awesomely…

Perhaps men should start giving women who aren’t stereotypically  hot a chance?  So many times have I heard that educated women should start opening themselves up to good men who may not have a college or graduate degree since men with grad degrees will give any woman who is pretty & loyal a chance. But i’m thinking educated men should raise their standards  to want a woman equal in intellect and success instead of us lowering ours. I don’t know.

What do you guys think??




2 thoughts on “Who really took a chance: Michelle or Barack?

  1. this article is like a win win thing because to me it seems likes its saying hey ppl go for the average joe and he might became the man to run the US and vice versa …i mean i believe ppl should give ppl try because you never know when u have missed out on the “right” one due to your stupid standards

  2. I agree with you. Lots of good women get passed up because they aren’t conventionally beautiful, but nobody is telling men to lower their standards in that respect. Men like what men like, women like what women like, and none of that changes just because people get an education. Men are attracted to women who possess “beauty”, women are attracted to resources, power, and confidence. And at least men can ACQUIRE those characteristics that attract women – women are more or less stuck with being however cute we are, weaves/MAC/silicone parts/etc notwithstanding.

    Some sisters do have ridiculous standards, but as far as I’m concerned, they should keep them so that us sane ones have a better chance! 🙂

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