Friday I urged you all to buy a ticket to come out and support Spelman’s annual scholarship fundraiser. For those of you who came out – thank you – and you’re welcome.

It was a lovely weekend in NYC, so I was fortunate to have a nice walk down to the lower east side (from union square, not harlem, don’t get crazy) to the event at Kenkeleba Gallery. Shockingly enough, two historic personal events occured at the event: I arrived on time AND my white linen pants remained white. Aside from my own victories, I was pleased to see that my dear Spelman classmates of 2005 were there in large #’s making me uber proud!

Anyhow, the big lessons of the afternoon came from my mentor in my head, Amy DuBois Barnett. Here are the notes I took during her speech to what she called her “dream-audience” as Spelman friends have always had an unmatched level of confidence and stubbornness. (Anyone who knows me is well aware that I think there is no better institution for a young black girl for academic, personal, and professional development to begin her path towards womanhood, but I’m biased.)

Okay, so here were my personal fave highlights of her chat with us that I pray inspires someone -male or female – out there to “GET YOURS!”

  • “No matter how much your family, friends, bf, loves you, they cannot crawl into your skin and live your life. You have to save yourself.”
  • “What do I want? How will I create the the life I want to live?”
  • “True happiness is the development of stregth and fulfilled purpose”
  • “Even things that feel profoundly wrong – Live and breathe through it and allow it to change who you are”
  • “What you put into ths universe is what you get back”

Listening to her speech and digesting the energy of spelman sisterhood really inspired me this weekend to be and do better. With that, I urge you all to constantly surround yourself with that kind of energy. Whether it’s your fave album or playlist, working out, a weekend trip (or staycation), do what needs to be done to get yourself recharged & focused.

*Happy Monday*


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