Come Support!


If you’re in NYC, you’re free tomorrow from 1-4, & have $75 to donate towards a FANTASTIC cause…

BUY YOUR TICKET NOW for  NY Chapter of Spelman Alum’s Annual scholarship fundraiser.


click on image to purchase ticket!

I already know what you’re thinking… you didn’t go to Spelman, why should you support? But here’s the thing, there are young women in need of financial aid to continue pursuing their dream, and most likely, you needed that help when you were in school too. Someone helped you, so you should help those behind you who are trying to get to your seat.

and besides all the altruism of it all…it’ll be fun!

Men: a ton of women will be there thinking you’re awesome for supporting a good cause.

Women: Amy DuBois Barnett of Honey & Teen Vogue & her book GET YOURS will be our keynote speaker.  I cannot wait to meet her, she’s one of my idols, and that book is outstandingly motivating to get your whole life on track – i need to get some of that energy in my life. I will absolutely be blogging about how f-ing spectacular it was to be in Amy’s presence & you can join me!

All: there’s wine, art, silent auctions, and great people to meet… just come!

Here’s the link to buy your ticket for tomorrow – i’ll see you there 🙂




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