Re: Facebook Flirting

Admit it, we’ve all scanned photo albums, networks, old classmates, and friends of friends for hot new prospects a time or two. For the past 5 years or so facebook has been a mating ground that everyone you know is signed up for.  So even though there’s no m4w, w4m, m4m, w4w, or erotic section circa craigslist, please believe plenty of facebook flirting has been going on since day 1.


I’ve heard successful stories that began on facebook and a few flops. I actually firmly believe it to be a viable source for dating, hooking up, flirting, friendship, or whatever you’re into – but only if done right.

Please allow me to walk you through my idea of a great way to navigate the situation with grace (works for both males and females).

If you meet someone out and want to know more and check out interest:

1. Send message about 3-7 days after meeting. Never be the person who goes home and adds asap – it shows  that ur one of ‘those people’. Keep the message light and simple, don’t flirt just yet.

2. Be patient! He/she may not be as avid of an inbox checker as you. Don’t be that guy or girl who jumps the gun and says something crazy because you didn’t here back within 48 hours. And if you never hear back, take the hint, and move on without hate mail or hostility, it just wasn’t meant to be.

3. Request friendship. Once you’ve established a round of back and forth go ahead and add the person, and you’ll be sure to get more access than limited profile.

4. Once you’re added browse through pics and get a feel for his/her vibe. Tagged photos, walls, groups, and profile info will give you more insight if this is the type of person you want to facebook flirt with. Someone’s page is their brand and with all the privacy controls out there, what they reveal has the potential to say a lot about them. (Is his wall hidden? Do her fave quotes suggest that she’s too into herself and has ‘haters’?) Analyze the situation.

5. If all works well to this point go ahead and send a lightly flirty message perhaps about something in their profile or a status. If he/she has interest you will be able to tell from his/her response. (Please don’t write on walls, there’s something way too public about that. Walls should never have suggestive notes unless that’s your bf/gf)

6. If the back and forth is going in the right direction, go ahead and suggest a meet up. Whether this is a local friend, someone in a city you know you’ll be visiting, or a homecoming pre-game, it should set date 1 off to the right start.

***cution, following these steps does not mean guarantee success.  your game still has to have finesse & the receiver still has to have interest***



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2 thoughts on “Re: Facebook Flirting

  1. Good timing. So not but a couple days ago, I’m talking to a young lady outside a nightspot. I decided not to go in because I didn’t want to deal with the line and my promoter friends were on radio silence. Sure enough, two days later, I get a FB message. I feel like #4 is a little extra. Cyber-investigating isn’t really that cool a way to get to know who someone is. Obviously, if there’s some really dumb shit on their page, wave off, but we’re all too old for that anyway, right?

  2. Idk.. I have fb, but i never go on their much. I know some ppl do use it to meet ppl, even if its just for friends. But i used to keep up with my family from out of town and old friends that i never see. Have never used it for flirting… Call me old fashion… lol..

    Actually, i have met one of my girlfriends on myspace though, once… lol.. And she lived in DC.. But she was a friend of a friend..

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