Learning from The Hills…

I was catching up on my DVR last night, i’m not a TV watcher at all, but I rock with about 3 shows that are still on air: The Office, The Hills, & Grey’s Anatomy.

The Hills is an exceptional reality show.


The difference between The Hills and all the other copycats is that they don’t allow over-produced moments to overshadow real and relatable  issues. As fake as it is, across racial and socioeconomic boundaries, we’ve all been in a relationship or situation presented on the show: frenimies, distancing bffs, roomies, family, dating, random hook ups, road trips, etc.

A few excerpts from LC’s final episode stood out to me as solid lessons in life that we could all take note on…

1. Spencer & Heidi

We all know Heidi could do better, but she RIDES for her man. She knows no one understands her love for his raging a**hole ways, but what they have works for them (kinda). And she didn’t care what anyone has to say about it: not her bff, Mom, sister, his sister, or anyone on the entire face of the earth.  I don’t reccomend it because in real life your BFFs & family are always right about what you deserve. But she exerted extreme levels of patience & devotion for quite some time & eventually he overcame his ego for his love & respect for her, and i’m not mad at that, at all. Fellas would be doing themselves a great service if they took note on how Spencer made appropo moves to get over himself & his childish ways.

2. Lauren re: Heidi & Spencer’s relationship

This isn’t a direct quote, but LC said something like this “You used to be able to light up any room.  And as you date him (Spencer) i’ve seen that part of you slip away.  It’s sad to see someone who I loved and aspired to be like lose that and I hope you never do.”

Basically she’s saying never forget who you are & lose yourself for anyone or anything. That’s a classic case of being in a relationship or situation that’s no bueno para ti (yes, I use spanglish, lol)When you wake up and don’t recognize who you’ve become because you’ve lost yourself in other things (be it a man, woman, work, kids, whatever…) GET YOUR MOJO BACK asap and pray that all people necessary are happy for you (but don’t get crazy, if it’s your kids, work something out for help, don’t get rid of them, lol).

3. Re: LC talking to her boss Kelly Cutrone about what’s next

“Follow your intuition, be smart, be brave, tell the truth and don’t take any sh*t. That’s the best advice I can give you” – kelly cutrone

i just ADORED that one.

4. Re: Spencer trying to make amends and do better

Everyone told him they thought he was faking it. And I love how he just sat there and took it and said that he hoped to show them he means it going forward.  A lot of times when you try to change your ways people will absolutely knock you down and be nay-sayers.  Don’t let them stop you from trying to do better.  That’s all you can doDon’t let people discourage you by saying something like “once evil, always evil” – because it’s simply just not true.

5. Re: LC showing up to Heidi’s wedding

I’m so glad LC was able to also overcome her ego in time to be supportive and watch her friend’s dream come true, even if it isn’t the dream LC wants for her. No one knows if Heidi & Spencer will be forever (and i’m cheering for them), but sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes, because that’s the only way they’ll learn. And if they never learn and keep making the same mistakes? (pray for them).

Even through the horrific jewelry choice Heidi made, Heidi really won that season. Her ex-bff & her (now) husband both overcame their egos in an effort to demonstrate their love for her. She relentlessly tried to remain loyal to both sides & no one can ever say isn’t a ride or die chic.




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