June, really?

Omg, it’s June 1st. Where did 2009 go? and when did June happen?

I swear the inauguration was a few months ago, but that was actually 5 mos back. I feel like I went to St. Maarten just yesterday, but then again that was late March. Or perhaps I don’t believe June because I’m actually quite cold right now (clear indicator is that I’m still sippin on regular coffee when I should’ve been promoted to iced coffee by now).

My mind is totally playing time tricks on me. Seriously, time has been flying by the last couple of years. For example, I’ll have a memory of a concert or birthday and swear it was Fall 08, but it was actually Fall 07. It’s kind of strange. People who I met and rolled with post-college have now been close friends for years, whereas up until recently I put them in a ‘new friend’ category. Oh and about that off and on relationship – I met him 3 years ago? No way.

People have always said that time flies when you’re having fun. I have thoroughly been enjoying life. The ups, downs, and plateaus of it all, my 20s have been truly superb. But if that’s all it takes for time to pass, than I surely should’ve felt like this in college, and I didn’t, those 4 years, felt like 4 years. But the past 2, have felt like 8 months and that’s kinda scary.

I decided that time is passing and blurring due to the routine of our work schedules. With this whole grind mon-fri & play fri-sun thing, life really starts to mesh. People and places are generally the same, and the only thing that really changes things in NY is the weather. We go from choice bars/lounges/restaurants, to fave bars/lounges/restaurants with a rooftop, sidewalk seating, or back patio. Instead of skipping town for a ski weekend in Vermont (which I have personally never done) you skip town to the Hamptons or Fire Island for a beach weekend. Everything else is status quo.

And this whole life is passing before my eyes thing has really started to change the way I think about the future. Just last week I had a full blown panic attack about how I was going to afford my house in the burbs and range rover sport. I had a freak out moment about when my grown up life, that I have envisioned, will start, because time is passing and I don’t feel like I’m en route right now.

And then I was advised to snap out of it. I’m only 25 and while time is moving fast, I am on track, I’ll be fine.

Great. I’ll live in the moment and take a few pictures to savor the feeling of the moments along the way. (Oh and to show my kids how mommy still looks just as smoking hot as she did when she was in her 20s, lol).



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