Hey All,

I took a break because I was on that last minute vacay I wrote about last week. And as you know from my last trip “when I break, I break…” & I try not to do much of anything productive. Vacation is obviously still on the mind, so I will share some extremely random thoughts on that topic with the half of my brain that is back to functioning while the other half will return tomorrow…

Re: Vacation

1. everyone needs to take a complete break – remove yourself from all things normal and relax.  it’s crazy how wired, social networked, and caught up we all are.  it’s essential to the soul to get away from the hustle & bustle of ‘to do’ lists and just chill.

2. travel with people who have the same idea of vacation as you – some people like to party, some people like to beach, some people like adventure, some people like solo time even when with others, some people don’t…figure it out before you go.

3. always have a trip on the radar – i find myself planning the next vacay before I leave a current one.  i need something to look forward to.  currently, i’m on the market to go to overseas forreal, got to get my passport game up.

Every four years I go on some big international trip:

1997- 8th grade class trip to Paris

2001 – 12th grade family trip to London

2005 – Post-graduation I went to Morrocco solo.

Big trips are a huge investment of paid vacation days, pre-planning,  & $$$.  Due to all of these factors, it’s not easy to find people to travel with in adult-life. I’ve noticed that as we get a bit older, our work & personal schedules are more demanding and often conflict when you try to arrange something for a large group.  (Add this to the list of reasons why going to grad school, even in this economy, is a good idea…my law/business school friends have been to just about every corner of the planet.)

2009 – where to & with whom?? taking suggestions…

I didn’t really say much at all in this, lol.  But half of my brain is still on vacation…I’ll do better tomorrow 🙂




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