fyi – when i post

so…. i’m a writer, but not as legitimately as a lot of others who write quality blogs (not yet at least, working on that) i’m not at a point where i have a stock of posts ready to click & send.Β  i think of things to say in the morning when i wake up, write them before/en route/or at work , and the timing on that has a huge window (amen to that).

i know many of you check all the blogs in the morning, but you should probably save mine until about 1pm.Β  anything earlier than that, and you just may come up short.

also, if you ever have an article to share, idea for me to write on, or question for “Ask kimmy”, just contact me and you can remain as anonymous or not as you want –, tweet me @kimmyfrye, or send me a message on facebook (i’m annoyingly accessible, lol).

for those of you who don’t really know me, i promise i’m a friendly person, no comment from spell check to replies on posts will offend me, i welcome constructive criticism & challenging views. for those of you who do, heeey!

i realized i haven’t told a solid story in a while, i’ll do that while riding the train to NJ to see my jaelyn in her recital πŸ™‚

in the meantime, here’s a few of my fave pics from my girl @kells1 facebook photo album, i loved them so much i commented on 1 hundred million pictures and went back and looked at them about 3 times. realized that i had already shared so many of these moments with you guys, wanted to show you! she had pics stored on there since november!

in Anguilla w. our day driver in his Obama tee :) !

in Anguilla when i was "on vacation" and not posting. me with our day driver in his Obama tee πŸ™‚ !

the Chicago crew - wrote you guys abt that trip :)

the Chicago crew - wrote you guys abt that trip πŸ™‚

Me & Kells @ the Adele concert last week!!

Me & Kells @ the Adele concert last week!!

kimmy + & dos kellitos = kkk - out killin 'em :)

kimmy + & dos kellitos = kkk - out killin 'em πŸ™‚

thanks readers – i really heart you guys for reading, whether it’s daily, weekly, or randomly.




2 thoughts on “fyi – when i post

  1. Hey!!!! I am a newbie to this blogging thing… but I just wanted to say that b/c of ur blog and intrsting postings I have begun to create a blog of my own.. I find you to be funny. sweet and insightful.. I was asking myself when I saw the picks above why weren’t you the Harlem Hieghts show on bet… I would have love to see that.. or maybe I just missed it,lol.. idk.. but anyhow.. you are great and i love ur blog.. i check it daily.. it is like my caffene fix,lol.. keep it up girl!!!

  2. aww, that’s the sweetest comment. i appreciate the ‘funny, sweet, and insightful’ quote because i like to think that i am in real life & it’s a writers dream that my voice translates accordingly.

    re: harlem heights – everything’s not for everyone. they had a great cast of very close friends of mine, wish the world was shown what they’re really about rather than the manufactured drama the editors chose to highlight…but that’s just tv.

    truly means a ton to me that i inspired you to dive into your own creative abilities πŸ™‚ let me know the blog and i’ll add you to my blog roll!


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