Swag is over at the perfect time.

Back in 1998 my best friend kept a list of quotes that we loved (i’ve been a writer for super long) in our joint diary.

“he has SWAG for DAYS!!” was right at the top of our list to describe our fave boys of the moment. (we were slightly hood, but that’s what lies beneath the core of all jersey girls…we can fit in any setting from main st. to wall st.)

The word swag just said it all.  You didn’t have to use to many more adjectives to prove your point about why someone was so fly.

It was okay to like “hot boyz” (my fave high school swag-boy anthem) when I was 15. It was still cool to want a “Soldier” when I was 20 (damn that song goes hard to this day, my intro to loving Lil Weezy). But at 25, swag should no longer be a priority like it was 10 years ago.

That old habit of being attracted to swag should die hard today along with the term that my fave rappers have destroyed. Swag is often closely tied to ego & that’s old news in our post-“a new earth” era. I’ve dated swag & it’s fun, but not always fufilling. I don’t want a word other than the true classic romantic words like “sweet, thoughtful, nice, mature, secure, and handsome” to describe the man i’m interested in.  So i’m happy to see “swag” go, it was cool while it lasted, but now it’s time for more generous traits to be sexy.

Not many thoughts beyond that…




5 thoughts on “Swag is over at the perfect time.

  1. i cant believe we used SWAG back then!! damn, seriously dude ahead of our time. we gotta capitalize on this–oh wait we are 🙂 amen to using your talents…

    dope post

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