Mother’s Day Special: Granny

My Grandmother (my mom’s mom), who we call Granny, is not your ordinary grandma.

love Granny!!!

love Granny!!!

  • She’s about 6’1″ (runs in the family).
  • She’s not a church goer (at all).
  • She talks about golf with my dad all weekend long.
  • She’s not exactly sweet, but absolutely hilarious.
  • She enjoys a glass of scotch.
  • She’s 80 with almost no grey hair.

…and I absolutely adore her!

When my parents had my brother Walter she moved in with the family to help working parents hold down the household.  Pre-K thru 12 she dropped off & picked my brother & I up from school when necessary, she had a plate ready on the stove as soon as we got home from school, and always has time to talk about life with you while she plays solitaire and/or watches her stories.

I’ll never forget when my parents wouldn’t let me go to the Puff Daddy & Usher No Way Out Tour @ MSG with Sara (just the two of us) when I was 13, told Granny I was never going to speak to either of them again, only her (fyi – I’ve been in love with then Puff Daddy, now P Diddy, since 97)She believes that her grandchildren are so smart & sweet (and we are), but thinks that her great-granddaughter Jaelyn, is absolutely the sweetest (and she is) and she still does many of the same things for Jae that she did for us growing up 20 years ago.

In adulthood, I’ve found her extremely easy to talk to when facing hard times with work or men. When I was ready to die at my first job i’d call her in the morning and complain or cry and she’d tell me that if I really wanted to leave, just find something else, and move on.  She told me that it’s not worth being so unhappy, but in this economy “I better not leave my job until I had another because people are lined up out there in the unemployment line” (she’s totally in the know about all things News-related).

Regarding men, she has always reassured me that I don’t need a man because they’re just a bunch of headaches (amen) with the exception of my father of course, who she also holds in super high esteem (she seems to be right on so far, lol).

But my absolute fave quote from my Granny is the convo as listed below:

Kim: Granny, you’re driving pretty slow, bunch of cars trying to get around us.

Granny: They can wait or go around, that’s fine, i’m not worried about them, i’m taking my time.

Kim: Granny, but the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Granny: You don’t know that.

Kim: (silence, she had a great point, the world could actually revolve around her. and even if it doesn’t, her world does, and that’s all that matters.)

Stay tuned on Monday for a tribute to my Mother & all her words of wisdom!!!




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