ADELE: sings MY heart out.

It is no secret, I could care less about TV & /or Movies, but i’m fully obsessive about great music (check out my May playlist page).  I’m a huge fan of going to see my fave artists in concert.

arguably the best voice i've ever heard live

arguably the best voice i've ever heard live

I wrote a super long review of last night’s Adele concert @ Roseland Ballroom. A detailed depiction of how Adele sings to the depths of my soul & how if you’re not into her, you’re missing out in a major way. I wrote about how her lyrics feel like someone stole my diary and sang my story. I wrote about how her BIRTHDAY performance last night made me laugh, dance, scream, & cry. It was the ultimate sing-a-long for me because I know every. single. breath. of. her album ’19’.

But honestly, my words won’t do her justice She’s THAT good. So I’ll just post a host of youtube videos from her performance in Brussels & let you feel it instead of read it.

I don’t get uber personal in my posts, but if you listen to her, to you’ll get a piece of me for sure.

Listen to the words & feel her voiceAdele is LEGEND.

Melt My Heart to Stone (the song that made me smile, Kells & I love this track):

Crazy for You (the song that gave me chills, her range is phenomenal):

Make You Feel My Love (the song that brought me to tears):

Chasing Pavements (the last song, the one that put her on, its where I’m at in life RIGHT NOW)

If anyone has suggestions on whether I should give up or just keep chasing pavements, feel free to drop me a line…

Hope you enjoyed a small portion of how great it was for me to see her live…




One thought on “ADELE: sings MY heart out.

  1. hi, kimmy. i was at her roseland show too and had a GREAT time. i totally agree with your praise of her. would you happen to know the set list from that night?

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