Cinco de Mayo – spread the Happiness Epidemic!

Fortuitous Barack Obama just because I LOVE him. (Learn a little something….and crush a little harder when he speaks en espanol!)

Typically in NYC, on Cinco de Mayo, everyone is Mexican.  The beauty of Manhattan is that the city can fully take on any race it wants for a day if it means you can inexcusably get wasted in the middle of the week.

But this year, will the Swine Flu (and the rain) epidemic kill our NYC tradition? It already F’d up Cinco de Mayo festival in Queens this past Saturday,  & I sure hope it doesn’t kill your fun plans for tonight (could you imagine if someone cancelled the Macy’s Fireworks because of the flu? that’s soooo sad!).  I’ve actually seen people wearing surgical masks on the subway. It looks completely ridiculous & I cannot help but to literally LOL. (Maybe they should come up for a new name for HIV/AIDS to scare people into wearing condoms at all times?)

I undertand that people should be cautious, but let’s not get caught up with living in fear. Swine Flu is killing more people’s freedom & happiness than lives.

Time Magazine recently reported on the HAPPINESS EFFECT.

Studies prove that “happiness can spread like an epidemic”.

Below is a pictoral representation of the findings.



So toss on that sombrero & find yourself in the nearest Cinco de Mayo celebration!!

I’ve only done it a couple times in NYC, here’s where I recommend (i’ll be at the Adele concert):

1. El Rio Grande -160 E 38th St/3rd ave

2. Tacocina -714 9th Ave/50th st

3. Rosa Mexicano – any of them, i’ve never been to celebrate, but I hear they have costume contests!




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