*Spring Cleaning*

I finally decided to stay in Harlem. Things are changing rapidly around here & the express trains are running smoothly, so no need to run off & live in BK just yet.  Going to stick it out for the 4th year, and then reevaluate my situation next year.

Now that i’ve dedicated another year to Uptown living, I need to refresh my space. Something I’ve been putting off for a few months because I wasn’t sure if my electric blue bedroom walls would need to be painted back to eggshell for me to move out in just a matter of weeks.

I’m always cleaning my room.  One of the most difficult aspects of NYC living is the space constraint.   I’m definitely wasting space with generic ‘stuff’ that I no longer need cluttering my easy living lifestyle. Over the course of the last 3 years I’ve accumulated more clothes & shoes than I need or want.  Time to get my feng-shui swag back with a little spring cleaningIs it time for you to do the same?

I needed some tips on how to get my sh*t in order, so I went to the container store website to see if they had any tips for my big project ahead, and of course they do…

http://www.containerstore.com recommends the following steps (and I have a few thoughts to add):

  • Remove the contents of the closet to decide what stays and what goes.(this is the bane of my existence, most of my stuff will come back in style or holds dear memories, want it to all STAY)
  • Donate or discard items not worn or used in two years. Get rid of wire hangers that can lead to misshapen clothing.(wire hangers have to go for sure, but it’s so hard for me to get rid of items not worn in 2 years)
  • Identify items that are better stored elsewhere in your home.(achievable goal, finally)
  • Create a plan for accommodating items to go back into the closet; don’t forget to plan for future purchases. How much hanging space do you need? How many pairs of shoes do you need to store?(decisions, decisions…)
  • Choose a storage system that’s flexible so it can accommodate your changing needs. Note obstructions in the space you need to work around. Take measurements of the space.(don’t even know what this means, lol)
  • Remove old shelves and rods; patch and paint walls. Evaluate lighting and replace/update fixtures if necessary.(yay! repainting soon will be so much fun, well, paying someone to will be)
  • Install new closet system.(sounds complex)
  • When putting items back in the closet, organize by garment type – group like items together for ease and organization.(been on that)
  • Choose hangers, storage boxes, shoe storage options and accessory organizers to complete the solution. Clear containers or those with labels will help you save time because you can quickly identify the contents.(need one of my super organized friends to roll)
  • Add a trash can to hold clothing tags and corral trash from pockets at the end of the day.(brilliant idea)
  • Utilize the back of the door for shoe or accessory storage, if necessary.(think it looks tacky.)
  • Add a chair if space allows for easy dressing.(planning for it! thanx to my brother’s barcelona chairs)
  • Do a little dance of happiness every time you walk into your organized closet!(LOVE them for this!)
  • Be committed to keeping the space organized; each time you buy a new item, an old one should be taken out and donated.(yea, right)

We’ll see how it goes…




2 thoughts on “*Spring Cleaning*

  1. I love those velvet hangers – girl, get some. They are the bomb!! They take up ALOT less space so you can fit a lot more clothes hanging, they look nice, and strappy tanks and silky fabrics don’t slide off of them. Worth the money over wire or plastic.

    Second, don’t throw away old stuff!! It comes back into style/makes great hand-me-downs (your niece!). I usually store my old stuff at my parents house 🙂

  2. Hey, since i bought a new place I’m doing basically the same thing. I bought this closet system unit from Home Depot that has shelves, multiple rods, and shoe storage. Definitely check it out. You have to check out the place when im finished hooking it up. Samples paints are all over the walls..

    Housewarming hopefully in June

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