Cabbie Love – real random

Last week on Wednesday, I “hopped up out the bed” (did not turn my swag on) “took a look in the mirror & said, what’s up?”

It was certainly time for me to get my hair done.  I’d been rocking the curly/boho look for a couple days too long. The sun was steady shining and I figured some interesting plans would cook up with the weekend forecast looking so spectacular. I was ready for my hair to blow in the wind once again, so I decided to head over to the dominican salon before I headed to work.

I played my lazy cab game to see if I would be walking 3 avenues over or cabbing it (rules: if i see a yellow cab before I get to the next avenue, I can be lazy & get in it).

Saw a cab, hailed it, & got in. I was super excited because I also played the “en route to the salon” game, which means I enjoy the freedom of not brushing my hair at all.

Anyhow, had an interrogation when I hopped in the cab:

Me: Hi. 119th & 7th on the right hand side.  Sorry, I’m lazy, it’s only a few aves (I felt guilty).

Cabbie: It’s okay.

normal cabbie/passenger pause.

Cabbie: How tall are you?

Me: 5’10”.  Did you really notice it that fast? I don’t notice that i’m recognizably tall.

Cabbie: We don’t notice a lot of things about ourselves (hmm..insightful)

Me: true

Cabbie: You have kids?

Me: No. (Damn, do I look like I’ve had a couple?)

Cabbie: You have a husband?

Me: No. (why didn’t this question come first?)

Cabbie: Where are you from?

Me: Jersey

Cabbie: No, you’re family. (No sh*t.)

Me:  I’m african-american.

Cabbie: Really? I’m sure you’re from somewhere else more exotic.

Me: Nope. Slavery. (and very proud of it, a rich history that is always short-changed on the sexy factor)

Cabbie: Well do you model?

Me: Nope.

Cabbie: You look like you could.

Me: (to humor him) Really? I’ll look into it, thanks! …..

(we pull up to Maritza’s)

Me: on the right side thanks.

Cabbie: So……what’s your name?

Me: Kim

Cabbie: My name is Amir, can we keep in touch?

Me: No, can’t do that, have a good day.

But I do have a couple girlfriends who have said yes. Wondering how often cabbies get love from hollering at every hot chic who gets a ride? They do stay on the phone boo loving with someone at all hours of the night. In retrospect, he wasn’t that bad looking, I just can’t see that going anywhere further than a few free rides & then i’d feel guilty for using him, get nervous that he knows where I live, and stop communicating.




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