MANgagement Rings…

I met up with AB again the other night at a popular bar & lounge for YBP’s in the city.  He hadn’t given me the heads up that he was with a couple dudes, so upon arrival, his boy asked the inevitable: “Where your girls tonight? They didn’t come out with you?”

I get that i’m known for rolling with a tight crew, but that’s one of my least fave questions that I’m frequently asked when rolling solo, which is rather common. If my girls aren’t with me, it’s for a reason – they’re busy, and your random inquiry certainly isn’t going to get me on the phone to bring ‘em out.

But AB’s friend seemed nice enough, had decent conversation, but a questionable hat (not a fan of fedora hats, sorry).  We chatted about golfing, Jersey, and all the things we found in common within 3 minutes.  I was flipping through the mental rolodex of my friends who might have interest in meeting this young man when I glanced down and noticed the ring.

Kimmy:“Umm, pause. You have on a wedding ring on, Are you seriously asking where my girls are at & you’re married?”


AB: “It’s an engagement ring! Can you believe this guy? Not even married & already flossing the ring.” (I give him the look of ‘you should probably stop speaking now’).

Kimmy to friend of AB: “Wait. You’re wearing an engagement ring? (He shakes his head in agreement, lies? Probably.)” “Well either way you have no business inquiring, especially if you’re wearing the ring already, if that’s the case, might as well toss it in your pocket.”

The rest of the evening was anti-climactic, but I left wondering about the concept of the MANgagement ring. Why is it that traditionally women are locked down publicly & all the fuss is made over the size of the rock, when’s the wedding?, etc. while the hubby to be appears to look just as free as the next single man?

I’d never given it much thought & they could’ve been totally lying their way through a sticky situation, but i’m not hating on the MANgagement ring – at all. I like what it’s about. It makes a bold statement of pride early in the game (as long as he keeps it on).

According to a ton of jewelry sites, men’s engagement rings are increasingly popular in the states & UKNot sure if this is about gay marriage rights, women changing the game & ‘putting a ring on it’, or just a scheme to make people overconsume…but whatever floats your boat.

I won’t do it to my man, but apparently some men & women are buying into the new school of thought & I find it interesting.

Happy Friday, weekend forecast is looking excellent – enjoy yourselves 🙂




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