practice makes perfect…

Way back when, a friend of mine invited me out for drinks after work over corporate IM.  I’m rarely one to turn down a post-work refreshment with the girls, so I was like “cool, when & where?” She emails me the details of a downtown location and I show up, late as usual.

mocha mates speed dating

mocha mates speed dating

But there’s one major difference upon entering the spot. The door girl wasn’t asking for cover, but inquiring to see if I’m pre-registered for the speed-dating event. (Hmm.)

As soon as I open my mouth to say “ab-so-f-ing-lutely NOT!” my girl interjects with a smirk and said “Yes, I signed her up & already checked her in.”

I gave my girl the look of “i hate you” and filled out the details, chalked it up for another interesting night out.

Apparently, not unlike real life dating, there were more women signed up for the event than men, so they had to use men who weren’t actually interested to fill seats for the overflow of women (lucky us!).

Of all the 20 men in the room, 4 pos. 5 (in my best spades lingo) would’ve passed the initial test of “cute enough” in real life. But there I was... locked in for 4 minutes per man with all 20 fellas in the room. I’m absolutely sure that I checked off ‘No interest’ (at all) for all but one, just for the sake of not being a total a**hole.

Apparently he was also interested in me, they sent us one another’s contact info (the only way your info was dished out is if you both checked yes), and guess what? We never contacted one another beyond the initial “hello” email. Let’s face it, I wasn’t really trying to go there.

I will say that as time went on, I figured out what the important questions to ask first were, and I learned how to get my “about me” out in record time. If I learned anything at all from the experience it would be that practice really does make perfect. The more dates you go on, the more you realize what you love, like, tolerate, dislike, and absolutely cannot stand in a man.

Here’s an extremely short & random list of mine, one of each:

Love – wit (got to keep me on my toes)
Like – genuine compliments (make me blush)
Tolerate – demanding work schedule (I like attention, but I get it)
Dislike – a punk behind the wheel (speaks to character)
Cannot stand – if you bore me or take yourself to seriously, it’s a wrap for sure. (I need us to be fun!)




5 thoughts on “practice makes perfect…

  1. I have a friend in NYC…I would love for her to try speed dating. Do you know of any future events?

  2. woooow MissA, that’s a GREAT article, but I just wouldn’t have the balls to do it.
    I’ve learned that i’m absolutely no good with dating complete strangers…

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