Oh Brooklyn…

Lately I’ve been dropping hints that I have a tiny desire to relocate to Brooklyn.   There’s just something so sexy about moving to a place that is completely new to me, has a cute little downtown with restaurants & boutiques, and a real community feel. If given the opportunity to live in an affordable, renovated, super close to the subway, studio or 1 bedroom in Fort Greene, I would go for it, quickly.


On the most perfect day NYC has seen, since probably September, I went on a fantastic voyage with the girls to Fort Greene to Habana Outpost to take part in the season opening festivities.  We were already at Wall St. so we figured it would only take two seconds. We. Were. Wrong. The C train wasn’t running and we were advised to take the A two stops and transfer to the F or G (which none of us had ever been on).  But it took like 20 minutes for the A to come and the girls said “Kim, this is why you can’t move to Brooklyn, we’d never be able to get to you”. They were right, the subway situation is undoubtedly 1 point for Harlem.

As soon as we got off the train you could see the overflow of crowd pouring into the sidewalk, and even the street, and I said “1 for Brooklyn”. I knew a few of my homies were already in the Yard and the line to get drinks was crazy. The girls left me in line to fraternize with some sidewalk cuties (there was a plethora of cuties) and I was getting anxious to take part in daydrink kicking it.  In line I saw a few people I knew well, not so well, and met a couple great new people.  Saw a couple guys I’ve exchanged digits with in the past, and perhaps one or two I will exchange info with in the future. Decided to double-fist and get 2 mojito/margarita mixes as recommended by a local.

The feeling was something like a Brooklyn tailgate. Guys on motorcycles posted up, red & blue cups filled with interesting concoctions, girls in shorts, dresses, etc. Everyone was in good spirits (even the cops, didn’t seem to have a problem with all the parking lot pimping that was going on in the middle of the street)It was quite the scene & the BK BBQ anticipation is already brewing amongst the crowd (which is the best outdoor event of the year)The energy out there was perfect.

After a few hours of hanging out, decided to grab a bite at 67 Burger, so I ordered the namesake burger (blue cheese spread & crispy bacon) & IT WAS FANTASTIC (as were the curly fries). 67 Burger is definitely worth the trip if you, like myself, are on a mission to find the best burgers on the planet (I’m a pseudo-foodie, love to eat great food).

The age old “what are you getting into tonight?” question was asked about 1 trillion times but the typical dilemma of “how on earth would we get back home if we kicked it out here?” held true we decided to head back home. The 2/3 express out of Atlantic was super fast (1 point for Brooklyn) & I was back comfy in my apt for the remainder of the night earlier than anticipated.

I officially have the biggest crush on Brooklyn.



3 thoughts on “Oh Brooklyn…

  1. like the way you describe BK and Habanna, craving a mojito and cuban sandwhich since fall 08, relocating to the city in the summer and hoping to call BK my new home.. pending economics.

  2. Habana this summer is definitely where it’s at!! I was there over the weekend. Good times… and you described it exactly how I experienced it… except one important thing!! THE CORN!! Girl!! The corn is hittin’!!

    BK seems like a cool place to live, but I’m suck on Harlem…

    Love your blog. I’m adding you to my blog roll!

    Take Care,


  3. thanks for reading natalie!!!

    I just decided to stay put in Harlem as well…express trains will get me to BK & back in good time!
    Good call on the corn, but I went post-brunch, so I was focused on the SPIRITS!!


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