An Inspirational Evening…


Last night I was honored to attend The John Henrik Clarke House Salon Series. We had an open dialogue about the role of sustainable relationships & strategic partnerships in today’s society.

It sounds heavy, but it was truly a delight.  I always leave the Salon series events feeling inspired & empowered.  The guest speakers were Susan Taylor and her husband Khepra Burns – what a lovely couple!
They’re love radiated through the room as they held hands. When she spoke he could’ve just eaten the words coming out of her mouth.  They clearly had a union that was rooted in the love of God, themselves, and one another. They shared their rich backgrounds as individuals and how now they’ve come to work together to support National Cares (click link to learn more & get involved).
I just felt like it was quote city listening to each of them, so I’m just going to show you the notes I took…hopefully you’ll internalize them.
*they pretty much both emphasized believing in yourself & the “fake it til you make it” concept… Susan had never been an editor before Essence, she just thought she could write.  She knew her audience, worked hard, and ended up skipping a few management levels when she earned the seat as Editor-in-Chief. “You just do what you gotta do” – Khephra Burns
*Khepra was attracted to Susan’s genuine personality & her smile.  He needed several nudges from a friend to ask her out on a date, but once he did they were “together ever since”.
*Our gracious hosts for the evening DeAnna Evans and Jenna Bond-Louden invited “people who challenge us & inspire us to be greater than we are” …awesome sound-byte

Re: Susan Taylor views on life
“Spend time with yourself in the quiet”
“Live for something larger than a car or apartment”
“Everything I need is at my fingertips”
“Take the non-essentials off the table”
“Every relationship comes with an assignment”
“Hurt people, hurt people” (think about it..)
“It’s not that deep”
“I love the people who knew you when….”
“Life requires boldness”
“Ask not what you can get, but what you can give”
“I ask myself three things:  Is what I’m about to say true? Am I the person to say it? Is this the right time?”

Re: Getting re-married
“People say ‘I don’t need a man’ and I say ‘Well I do’. Nobody wants to go through life alone and have no one to share life with. I told them ‘Im going to find me my Divine right man‘”

Re: Sex
“Don’t lay where you’re not adored” – LOVE IT!

Please get involved in National Cares if you’re interested in giving more of yourself to the greater purpose!!
Thanks again to Jenna & DeAnna for extending the invite.

3 thoughts on “An Inspirational Evening…

  1. one of the most enjoyable nights ever! i will look back and recall khephra and susan’s words in the same way they recalled their mentors, idols, elders, etc. i also enjoyed the sentiment of enjoying the journey with people with whom you can unmask yourself

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