www.kimmyfrye.com – 1st event – a success!

Last night I hosted my first event to promote my blog & it was absolutely outstanding!

I sincerely appreciate the great turnout!!

fake it, til you make it!

fake it, til you make it!

10% of the proceeds benefited the Spelman NY Alum Assoc.

in honor of our 128th anniversary this weekend!

Tuesday night I planned my outfit with Nkechi over Gchat.  Definitely wanted to wear head-to-toe black to be very “bartender”ly because they always say you should dress the part!  Made it to work on time for my 11am meeting, which was nice, even after many mental debates about which black tank top to wear with my black skirt (psychotic about blacks not matching) & a mini shoe debate (went with old school cowboy boots because I didn’t mind if they got all sticky from bartending).

Fast Forward to arriving at Katwalk.

I arrived and asked for the manager, Charlie, who requested that I arrive 30 mins early to get the quick rundown of how to work the bar.  Charlie was a bald, Harley Davidson type of guy, with tats and a beard.  Not so warm & fuzzy to say the least. He was rather busy doing his own thing at the bar & told me to “sit down & hang out for a little, in 10/15 mins, i’ll bring you back here to show you things before your people arrive”.

So I have a seat & glance up at Season 6 of Sex & the City showing on the wall of the establishment (how appropo!).  Then cracked open the book I haven’t been able to put down.  After a few short moments a friend arrives and she’s the first one.  Not long into chatting my second visitor arrives.  I was babbling on & on about my nervousness and how I promise I’d actually be serving drinks if Charlie would show me WTF to do.  Tried to get his attention, but he was boo-loving in the corner.  So I walk up to him around 6pm and i’m like “should we do my walk thru? people have started to arrive” he says “well it’s 6pm already and you only have a few people here, we’ll just wait and see if you have enough people. otherwise we can reschedule”. So i’m thinking “hmm, this dude is playing like I won’t have 15 friends here, clearly he’s mistaken”. Go back to my early guests and freak out to them a little.

Eventually my Top 15 arrived.  He walks me through the bar rattling off prices & location of house & premium spirits, mixers, glasses, bottled beer, and TAP (oh Tap…the bane of my existence).  I was like oh, sh*t, how on earth am I about to run a bar after a 5 second explanation??

He looked at my expression and he said “don’t worry babe, it’s for charity, they’ll be patient. If you need help i’ll be right here.   But you’ll see, after 20 minutes, you’ll be on a roll”

And damnit he was right. There were a couple moments where I thought to myself “hmm, I could really do this after some practice.” I think I would actually enjoy being a bartender or cocktail waitress at a low-key spot or hotel bar. Never a place that gets crowded, I don’t know how those bartenders do it.

Anyhow, I had a blast, and hopefully it was cool on the other side of the bar as well.


Katwalk Bar & Lounge (Charlie eventually warmed up…)

Top 10 guests before 6:30 (Julienne, Farron, Jessica, Troy, Monet, Fara, David+1, Rasheedah, & Lesley!) that got me my tutorial

Top 15 guests before 6:30 (Simone+2 & Troy’s+2) who arrived just in time to get me behind the bar!!

&Everyone else who fits into the following categories:

got the wrong drink & went with it anyway (walter, kelly, larry – oops!)

remained patient – even when I fully ignored you (merc, swinney, nichole – no offense)

blew kisses from across the bar…(you know who you are, i don’t kiss & tell)

familiar faces seated at the bar…(maureen, kevin, shiz, david, alexis, ashley)

stopped by pre/post the Knicks game…(LinZ, Simone)

hung in there ’til the final minute...(jess, amal)

made new contacts in the room…(Krystle racked up repping for NY AASC, our donation recipient of the night)

ordered wine (paris, randi, ashley, jess)

gave an encouraging smile or wave during my frenzied moments…(yodit, chandra, noni, niah, kyra)

i didn’t even see forreal, but i know you were in there because I poured a Guiness…(Tiff)

didn’t have a drink because of lent, diets, & more, but came anyway…(Nkechi, Mitch, Jarred)

ordered me a drink…(John, Larry)

stopped by because a friend invited them...(love you too)

KEPT THE DRINK SIMPLE...(you really had no choice)

& TIPPED BIG – love you for that!




3 thoughts on “www.kimmyfrye.com – 1st event – a success!

  1. I feel absolutely horrible I missed it! I was all ready to go and somehow got very sick late afternoon at work. It sounds like you and everyone else had a great time! I’m looking forward to the nex time you do it 🙂

  2. Kimmy,

    I freeaking heart your butt! This is such a cool idea. I’m swagger jacking your idea. Ani behind a bar in the D coming soon. You look amazing BTW

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