Kimmy in the Kitchen…

They say the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his tummy…I’ve always battled with this idea because i’m convinced that this was not the case for my parents.  My mom learned to cook as she went along, she was a far cry from being a top chef prior to being MRS. Frye & they’re 32+ years in the game.

Mr. & Mrs. Frye @ my 25th bday bash!

Mr. & Mrs. Frye @ my 25th bday bash!

I vowed never to be the girl who learned how to cook just so I could be wife potential, but I’ve come to a point where sometimes I actually prefer being in the house saving $, than tricking on expensive meals downtown (good things do come of the recession!). So lately i’ve been testing my skills on the grill & I must say that I do enjoy my own meals. My fave part about it all is eating almost the entire meal along the way.

Sunday afternoon I whipped up a little sauteed spinach & mushroom snack for lunch & it was delightful!  Superfast & delicious…decided that if I had to cook for someone else I’d add baked salmon or chicken & it would’ve looked like I really knew what I was doing.

Last night, I cooked a seafood/pasta dish: shrimp scampi over a bed of angel hair w/a little parmesan on top – yummy! Decided to be savvy and add the leftover shrimp to my salad tomorrow.  The only hang-up I had was with opening the bottle of Moscato, which post-posting I finally figured out how to pop open…


Once upon a time, I was phone with this guy (who I had nothing more than a long distance phone convo relationship with) & the convo went something like this:

long-distance: (after I hinted that I would go home & cook) “Kim you can’t cook”

me: “How can you say that? You’ve never had my cooking”

long-distance: “You told me a long time ago that you don’t cook”

me: “Not cooking & not being able to cook are totally different!  I don’t cook because I don’t enjoy it, not because i’m bad at it.”

long-distance: “Do you have dinner parties?”

me: “Absolutely not, don’t like having people in my home.”

long-distance: “that’s your problem”

me: “so tell me this, are there women out there who make phone calls to attractive men saying “I just so happened to cook a large feast, would you like to come over & have some?”

long-distance: “yes”

me: “well that is foolish! why would you cook so much more food than you need?”

long-distance: “you’re selfish”

me: (irritated @ this point): “okay, new topic. my future husband will love me because I am such a wonderful person who has saved all her great cooking just for him :)”

So now you all know where I stand on cooking.

I do it & enjoy it, if in just the right mood. And it’s quite tasty as long as you enjoy the same taste as I do (season salt, pepper, butter, garlic, bacon, olive oil, cheese, & other interesting herbs, pretty much added to everything I cook). I have mastered cooking for 2 portions for 1 person, or 1 portion for 2. I do not invite people over my place for any reason at all (tv, chat, intimacy, food, etc) unless we are super duper close. If you invite yourself, the convo gets awkward, because i’m pretty much going to say no flat out, lol.

Additionally, feel that since humans must eat, it would’ve been nice to have a cooking class as much as even OFFERED in all my years of All Women’s education. I get that Home Economics courses are old school concepts, but damn, “independent women” need to be able to cook for themselves & they’re children right?




One thought on “Kimmy in the Kitchen…

  1. Ha! I get that all the time! I don’t cook often, but it does NOT mean that I can’t(I find myself saying that a lot). I’m actually pretty good at it!

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