just my thoughts…

I went to a world renowned all girls college prep high school in NJ – Kent Place School.
n2236008_41770555_425I graduated from a phenomenal all women’s college – Spelman College

Upon graduation, I became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. with Beta Alpha Omega grad chapter in Newark, NJ.

Through all these years, I have acquired an awesome roster of girlfriends.  We live all across the country pursuing all kinds of degrees & careers, and i’m really just quite proud of us.  I know sooooo many women who are pretty, smart, paid, funny, loyal, (and yes, some crazy, but it happens). I’m super proud to be a part of this black women’s movement that’s going on.  I truly think that one day someone will look back and do a study on how exceptional my peers are.


all-star lineup @ HBS AASU Conference

Post-Sunday rituals (church, hair, & food) I met up with a wonderful set of 12 women at the end of brunch. It was really just a mix of my honorary roomies’ friends (Shout to Jess & Chandra) but we  got together to take a picture, and I got a little emotional.  It felt great to be amongst greatness. And for a split second, I thought to myself ‘hmm, there really are a lot of fabulous single black women, i get why men don’t settle down’


SOMS, KPS, & Spelman besties

For us to understand the black male dilemma, we must put ourselves in their shoes, for a moment, something that is so far fetched it has actually never crossed my mind.

Picture this: a ton of single, intelligent, fun, well-dressed, loyal & successful men at your fingertips dying to be with you. At dinner, you look to your left and there’s a table full of them.  In your GMAT class all the dudes are hot.  Go to the club, and hot men flock to you.


okay...so maybe this does happen once a year 😉

OMG – that would surely be heaven. Black men apparently had it so bad the past few hundred years that God has rewarded the one’s who persevered with heaven on earth.

Don’t know about you, but I surely wouldn’t be settling down for marriage & children until the doctor tells me my last egg is about to go.  At which point, I would inquire about freezing eggs, so I could play with all the hot men just a little while longer.  Or, I would play until I’m not desirable enough to get top notch men anymore.

So today, black men get a break.  I feel you.  Play on playa.  Get it out of your system now while you still got it. That way, you’ll be faithful & sick of playing the field by the time you get married 🙂




4 thoughts on “just my thoughts…

  1. That’s cute, ls. And yeah, I don’t really fault the dudes, either. It’s up to us ladies to make the most of our hotness while we still have it. (Though, judging by your mom, you’ll surely age well ;-).)

  2. Most men are only as faithful as their options..if some women would stop being options for other people’s men than cheating wouldnt exist

  3. hmm i like warners comment. Agreed 🙂 i think i told you the same thing recently everybody is an “after hours” girl these days! no one makes dating competitive b/c girls give it away so easily

  4. I enjoyed this post. It made me stand a little bit taller today. I guess I cannot fault men for wanting to explore their options but I agree with Warner when we stop making ourselves options maybe the dating “game” will be differently. Until then relishing in the beauty that is strong, beautiful, black and Woman (we are so in style!).

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