The Lonely Burrito

Looks like yet another night went by with me spending the entire night passed out on the couch after attempting to catch up on my DVR (no TV allowed in the bedroom). The funny thing is that I actually woke up around 4am, but I just turned over and went back to sleep.  Why didn’t I go back to my bedroom?

Trouble is: the lonely burrito.

“What is the lonely burrito?” you might ask. It’s the dilemma faced when you’re in the middle of the laundry process and you are left with sleeping on a bed that doesn’t have sheets on it.  So instead of sleeping on the mattress, you lay out the comforter and do a fold over situation.  You become the contents of the burrito, your comforter the tortilla wrap.  Yes, if you’re living single, you might be familiar with this – I call that, the lonely burrito.

I have a theory that the lonely burrito is only for the single for 2 reasons.

1. If you did plan to sleep solo, if faced with the lonely burrito, you just call your boo and ask to sleep over there.

2. If someone is sleeping with you, there’s no way you can possibly both be too lazy to get up & put sheets on the bed.  Changing bed linens is 10x easier & far more fun when you have someone to help you.

Okay, I know that was boring, but that’s truly what’s on my mind right now.




One thought on “The Lonely Burrito

  1. Unless your just a guy like me who never has sheets and only has a comforter…but then again I am single..sooo maybe I am THE LONELY Burrito!

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