kimmy frye: unplugged.

a few weeks back my blackberry decided to go straight to hell…

I toiled with it for a week or so on my own.  I came to the conclusion that I could not save it with my own tactics. So I dialed 611 to talk about the malfunctioning pda with t-mobile, asurion (cell phone insurance company), a couple retail locations, and finally said “F, it”.

I sent a frantic email friends & family offered up their spare blackberry’s, but everyone had AT&T phones, and I wasn’t savvy enough to ‘unlock’ them.  I did not want to pay another $130 deductible for the same old piece of sh*t Blackberry Curve model from 2007. I did not want to “upgrade” my phone & be married to T-Mobile for another 2 years, because I just might go ahead and get an i-phone when my contract runs out in September

After 2 years of BBM (& way too many extraneous pin exchanges), gchat overload, & just 2 days of tweeting...

I decided to simply UNPLUG.

I walked into T-Mobile & asked for the most basic of cell phones one could ever own for just $20. Explained my story to Xiomara, who was highly entertained by my antics, and she sold me the Nokia 1260. Yes, ladies & gents, this phone might actually be more archaic than my first Nokia back in ’99 (which I tricked out with the ice blue face & disco ball antenna).

nokia-1280Let me just say that, while it took a little bit of getting used to, I am LOVING, my blackberry-free life. My friends now have to call me if they require more than a one word response. They text me instead of bbm (they have no idea whether or not I’ve read the text or when I’m typing). It also eliminates unnecessary chat that occurs from other people’s boredom that interrupts your day. “Hey, what’s up” is useless chat that I no longer have to entertain.

Lately I’m not bbm’ing, emailing, on the Internet, taking camera phone pics, etc. So I have no choice but to always live in the present moment. It’s absolutely outstanding.

All I need is a calendar to keep my life in order, & I’m all set – old school style 🙂

Taking it back to the simpler life this Spring/Summer… I’m loving it, you should try it sometime.




4 thoughts on “kimmy frye: unplugged.

  1. I applaud you! That’s an amazing step and I hope you don’t get those colsd chills from not having your  or bbm 😉 Make people work for ur time! I can’t give up mine or else I may miss out on ur wonderful blog!!! I read it on the go 🙂

    Sent from My beloved and super sexy lil pink Verizon Blackberry

  2. this made me chuckle. i’m glad i got to witness the transition. congrats on getting out of the matrix

  3. I was in a similar situation with Sprint. After losing four phones in the span of 6 months and paying upwards of a G on new phones I said eff it. I swallowed my pride, walked into the Sprint store and got a boost. And I LOVE it. My bill is $50 a month for unlimited everything. It comes out of my bank on the 6th and all I need is calling and texts.

  4. I’ve thought about it, but I just can’t! I can’t believe I’ve become that dependent on my BB. Damn shame, too! I have thought it though, but getting emails on my phone is the best thing ever.

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