When God Winks…a sunday morning message

I have referenced the phrase “God Wink” several times when telling my stories & today I wanted to just share a little bit more about what this means…

Back in March 2007, I visited my bff in LA.  She had a zillion books on spirituality, enlightenment, etc, so I picked up the shortest one I could find & read it that weekend…

In “When God Winks” , author Squire Rushnell, discusses the notion that there are no coincedences in life.  At a young age, I naturally gravitated toward the quote “everything happens for a reason”…and this book pretty much drills down that concept with true stories of listening to your inner intuition, which is God sending a message to you in a real life way. A great example of God winks that are common to us all are the stories we’ve heard about people who were supposed to be in the Twin Towers when they were struck during 9/11, but for whatever reason, they weren’t that day.  But God often winks at us here and there through redundancy, He sends you the same message, until you finally take heed.

when God winks

The last 24 hours was the perfect example of God winking @ me, sending me a clear message, through the voices of family, friends, strangers, & even myself…

wink #1 – My brother & I were headed to NJ yesterday morning & he was telling me a story about good news at his job.   Somewhere in the context of the story he shared advice he was given“you cannot project fear” and explained a great way to reduce anxiety when this occurs. Since it was the first wink, I didn’t really notice it as one.

wink #2 – I took Jaelyn (my niece/joy of my life) to lunch yesterday.  When our food arrived she went straight for my mozzarella sticks & told me she doesn’t like the red (marinara) sauce. So I asked her “have you ever tried it?” and she said “no, i’m afraid of it.” and i told her that she can’t claim to not like anything she has not tried. i confirmed “you cannot live your life based on fear, you’re too young to start that habit.” I heard my own advice.

wink #3 – I was waiting for the train to arrive on my track so I called my bff to continue to over-analyze a crazy boy situation that happened the other night.  Somewhere in her advice she told me “its like you’re afraid to move forward, just close that door and move on”

wink #4 – I forgot my headphones in my apt, so while riding the train back to NYC solo, I was i-pod free.  The chick in front of me was loud & telling the person next to her a story.  She said “SO I TOLD HIM, YOU’RE ACTING ON FEAR, AND YOU JUST CAN’T LIVE LIKE THAT”. Though I really wanted her to STFU, I silently thanked her to myself for delivering the wink from God.

wink #5 – 8am service at First Corinthians Baptist Church in Harlem. The sermon was titled “It’s time to let go of your insecurities”.  Somewhere in the fabulous message the pastor said “Stop reaching back and holding on to the captivity you’re used to because you’re afraid of what God has in store for you”…

So I thought to myself hmm…i’ve heard that line so many times today. I can’t just ignore it.  I need to understand the message and how it applies to me. And while I will not go into the uber personal details of my life, I will say that I absolutely get it.  I’m glad I peeped the God winks & was able to extract a valuable life lesson from it…

Pay attention to your God winks people…




2 thoughts on “When God Winks…a sunday morning message

  1. This is such a wonderful post! I’m a true believer in everything happening for a reason, so this directly fits in that. The struggle comes with actually catching all of the connections, but it looks like you caught this one!

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