(FYI – I wrote this in Feb…)

Last night my company had our “better late than never” holiday party at Ninja.

Pause. Ninja has been on my list of “places to try” since back in early 2007 when my cousin Channing deemed it as one of his fave resties in the city. Back in December when the buying team set out on the quest of where to celebrate the holidays as a company, (without a date in sight), I suggested Ninja along with a couple other options I thought would be fun, but Ninja’s website sold the team. check it out here:

I recommend it – go there with friends, on a date, or with whoever…

We rallied the troops at 7pm & field tripped it downtown to Tribeca on the subway. Somewhere between the L and transferring to the C we lost half the gang and decided to just meet them there since we’re all adults. We all get off the subway at Chambers, so I fall to the back of the crowd, and called my bff to tell her about the ridiculous dream I had the night before (I remember them always & love sharing them) when bumped into Evan, who happened to be a close friend of both of ours when he was the new kid in the 6th grade…extremely random, but awesome to see him for 30 seconds. I continue with the rest of my dream because I was just getting to the good part when I see a tall, chocolate, cutie walking down the block headed in my direction.

I said to bff on the phone “ooh, there’s a cutie on the block in Tribeca SP” and then I realized I knew him already from somewhere. Damn, are there no NEW hotties anywhere in the city? Just as we passed one another and made eye contact I recalled that a close friend of mine introduced us to each other in passing, nothing official, at the HBS AASU conference last Feb. (Note to self, remind close friend to officially reintroduce…) I finished chatting about my dream & psychoanalyzing iy…and entered Ninja.

After a couple of fun surprises en route to the private area we sat down and had a heavy pre-fixe meal including a cesar salad, sushi (California/spicy tuna rolls), salmon entrée, a steak entrée, and a dessert. I don’t think any of us made it past the salmon. All were tasty enough to please a hungry crowd, the ladies got a complimentary flute of champagne, and even better were the specialty cocktails, which takes me back to my original story…

I think I had about 4 cocktails at dinner (peep the Zen cocktail, which is vodka based with a ginger infusion)…and when the cool kids kept the party going at Café Noir, I went with them. After the walk over, I knew I was tipsy because I was already pondering the forbidden late text.

I thought to myself “self, this is the drink that would put you over the edge” so when my coworker offered to buy me a drink , I politely declined.

“1 point for Kim” I thought, and then I realized…I’m having way too many notes to self in my head for me to be sober, I just may have already had the drink that put me over the edge (does anyone else try and pinpoint the drink that did you over??)

And then another coworker said “Kim, have another with us, what are you having?”..and I gave in. “Stoli Vanilla & Ginger Ale please”

So now its Wednesday morning and I have little recollection of details past the last drink, but I’m in a safe place, so I know it didn’t get too bad. I have absolutely no business having a mid-week hangover and I soooo wish I weren’t such a sucker for free drinks. But then I remind myself that I’m still young and I don’t have kids… so its not so bad, right?

Lesson Learned: I should definitely start exercising the “even though its free, I should not have the next drink” muscle in my brain.




2 thoughts on “NINJA..

  1. love the story. i think we can all relate!
    blame it on the stooooooolllliii li li li . . .

    ive come to realize that i should just forget i even have a cell phone when im tipsy–its just trouble. actually i should just forget i have a voice and not speak matter fact.

    take care kimmy!

  2. The story is awesome.. I was literally laughing out loud in my office when you said… “Im having way too many notes to self in my head for me to be sober, I just may have already had the drink that put me over the edge”…. OMG!!.. that was classic!!!


    btw, got another Episode on my blog.. whta do you think?

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