Craigslist…its awesome…I endorse it.

Back in ’03, I asked friends how they found a house in Cascade to rent instead of the typical ATL apartment rentals that everyone else had…the answer was I slept on the site for a minute, but upon my quest to move out on my own in late ’05, google searches oftentimes landed me on craigslist postings.  That was the beginning of a minor obsession…

I could easily be calling myself out & exposing the true nerd that I can be at times, but whatever… I am always browsing craigslist, sometimes for no good reason even & I fully endorse its use.

since they’ve been in the news lately, I must say, that I DO NOT ENDORSE scandalous acts/services found in the personals, dating, and erotic sections…

(however, those areas are exceptional for a laugh every now and then.)

Craigslist is awesome for finding/subletting an apartment, buying/selling slightly used furniture, tickets to sold out shows, and yes, even finding/hiring for a job. Below I discuss some interesting things i’ve found over the course of the last few years…



Although I love my harlem apartment, I religiously search apartments, sometimes just because… I test to see how much a studio in union square would run me (it would be nice to walk to work), search 1 bedroom apartments in manhattan for 5-8k per month (a girl can dream, right?), and of course I browse the market in my fave new borough I never go to – BK (although the chance that I actually make that move is rather slim)

Once, when I was visiting my BFF in LA, I even found my room in my apartment up for rent, which was troubling…but it opened up an important dialogue between my roomie and I because she was taking precautionary measures when she thought I was going to break my lease early.



I’m not sure about you guys, but I was stunned when I realized exactly how much it costs to furnish your apartment in style.  While I wanted to the newest hot stuff from West Elm or Crate & Barrel, I couldn’t really afford that (still can’t) so I ended up going to Ikea (the pre-made sample area tho, because I so don’t build my own furniture, its one of my many secret weapons in life) for my dresser & full length mirror…but I did find my dining table set on craigslist!  I still frequently browse with searches like “west elm” or “crate” just to see if someone is desperately trying to get rid of something I might want…


In an earlier post, I mentioned going to see the Stevie Wonder concert...It was a sold out show, I found someone selling the tickets on craigslist.  If ever there’s a show, sporting event, etc that you want to see, check craigslistbeware of hustlers and scope out the genuine sellers who for some reason can’t use the tickets they bought, when you find last minute tickets @ face value, it can be a good look.

I also found an entire set of Manhattan GMAT books for cheap because someone was done with taking the GMAT & no longer needed his set.  He actually also worked in fashion & we talked about the sales side of the business when I picked the books up from his office.


I feel like i’m saying this all the time, not to gloat, but I LOVE MY JOB...and yes, I found it on craigslist!  I’m sure at some point I will write an entire post on the day I found my new job, but basically, I clicked on jobs > retail/wholesale > and typed in keywords like “buyer” and “merchandiser”… I think any profitable & legitimate (by that I mean, offers 401k & benefits) company that searches for talent on craigslist has embraced the new age and is more likely to allow you to wear jeans to work (which is important to me).

There are a host of seemingly interesting jobs available on craigslist, you just have to be open to looking for one on there… ( jobs seem so much more corporate & miserable) Note: these jobs are likely to be from smaller companies that do not heavily invest in an HR department (but who likes HR anyway?!)

Perhaps my desire to hunt & find great things for myself & others speaks to some greater subconscious desire to be a headhunter/real estate broker/finder-extraordinaire… (OMG, I could be on to something…)


(again, unfortunately, this post was not sponsored by craigslist, but I put on for sh*t I endorse…every time you see the name of the site, its linked, go find something…)




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