Subway Stories…

Today, my girl Tiff sent me the absolute funniest subway story I’ve ever heard…it didn’t happen to her, but someone sent it to her…it was such a tale of NY, I had to share…

the email in PINK my thoughts/commentary in BLUE


be forewarned by the grossness of my email.(i’m intrigued already!)

i just saw a disturbing and vile thing on the train. a crazy woman “pleasuring” herself and yelling and saying crazy things. (STFU! “If you see something, say something!!)

we got to 28th street, and she said, “i have one more stop to come.” then she would scream and yell. (hahahahahahahahahaha)

and then she would say, “why isn’t it working?!” and then she would vigorously try some more. and then, she said, “oh, i know!” and out of the corner of my eye, i saw her pull something out of her bag. it sounded like she was squeezing lotion or something onto her hand. (this is the most disgusting thing ever…couldn’t imagine what this must be like..a 28th st stop sounds like the 1 train though, NYers beware!)


Okay so this is one of the many reasons why I refuse to raise my children frequenting

the subway in NYC. I would just fall out if my children were exposed to something like that. Think of all the childlike questions they would ask you afterwards? Or imagine if you get a call from the teacher saying your kid was showing/telling the story to their classmates? I’d be mortified.

(I also couldn’t be the mom who takes the kid/stroller down the steps solo. That doesn’t look like fun at all…I want an oversized car, a yard, and a cute little ‘downtown’ area with an ice cream shop in small town America…)




One thought on “Subway Stories…

  1. this story is the best. it cracked me up yet again. love the “see something, say something” comment. dead on

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