Oh NY…

Back from my hiatus…writing from Vegas.

Fish Out of Water
I am like an absolute fish out if water when I travel outside the major metropolitan cities (NYC, ATL, MIA, LA, Vegas).  Just a week ago I felt how ‘New York’ I am when I was at the Cleveland airport waiting to board my connecting flight to Phoenix.  My hair was freshly blown out (so I had my edgy bang look going), dressed in all black head to toe, writing on my macbook, blackberry plugged in for last minute charging, etc.  I looked around and noticed that everyone around me had a couple children (well behaved are cuties & mis-behaved are an excellent form of birth control), with child or not chics sported horrific Mom jeans, played out glasses frames, overweight, and just looked aged I didn’t fit in – at all.

I mean, I know I was at the airport connecting to Phoenix of all places, and not at the Cleveland hotspot (not knocking Cleveland at all), but you almost never see what I call “real life people” like this in NYC unless you’re in a tourist zone that most of us try to avoid like the plague (i LOVE this blog NYC Tourists, for consistent chuckles).

My Mother told me, not long ago, that since all my friends (male & female) are smart and beautiful, I have a false sense of reality and now I get it. We live such a sheltered life of singles who are obsessive about being the best at our careers, staying healthy, and looking young forever.  Regardless of our age NYers wear what’s hot, eat consciously, have gym memberships (whether we use them or not its always an option), stay single, and have a low tolerance for children (unless we’re in Park Slope, then its cute).

When I visit other cities, I think most people don’t compare to NYers.  They’re not as astute, cultured, and sexy (that combo = swag)NY is populated with people who are the best of the best in any industry who originate from all over the world, (LA is solely entertainment, DC is for politics, MIA is for tourism, etc). We’re the most well-rounded people in the world.  We work hard, we play hard...and I heart it.

But here’s what I don’t heart. After 4 years of Harlem world, I’m over the single life (that is seemingly impossible to escape in Manhattan) I’m over going to the club (or anywhere else that I have to drink to enjoy) I’m over not saving enough $I’m over taking the subway & not driving (or if I do, alternate side parking rules)I’m over long dreary winters (especially during the recession)...and last but certainly not least, I’m over seeing the same people over & over again (no offense, but the circle is SO small).

I’m never really that mad at our culture until I realize that over time this way of life cannot sustain itself over time for what I want in the future.  I want a husband, children, a big bathroom, backyard, and a 2 car garage, (suburban life).  I’m clearly not ready for all of that right now, but I want to feel like I’m moving towards it.

So what is a Harlem gal to do when she loves her job, loves her city, but wants to break out of the Manhattan bubble without feeling like a fish out of water?

I think the only logical answer is Brooklyn…they go hard & they’re way more grown & sexy.



One thought on “Oh NY…

  1. AHHH!!!! Kimmy i was so feeling you on this one and I have been contemplating these very thoughts since my trip to maine. But then I had to put you on full halt when you referenced moving to the BK. Oh how i heart the city and my harlem world but when it is time to go i think i will have to leave new york in its entirety…~sigh~

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