In Spring 2007, just months after President Barack Obama announced that he was officially running for the democratic nominee, I attended an early fundraiser. Little did I know it was the first of many parties, fundraisers, debate gatherings, speech watches, etc. – truly an amazing kick off to two years of Obama-nation. The event was initially to be held at a rather small nightclub, but after an unanticipated high-volume response, it was relocated to the grand room at the Hyatt adjacent to Grand Central Station …and it was massive.

Upon arrival, I met up with my girl Kelly and she was with her coworker, Chelsea, who snuck us into the private reception for those who hosted this major event for Obama NYC *yay!*. We ate and we surely had a drink, and then Senator Obama arrived. Anyone who has been near him is fully aware that he casts a spell over the crowd almost instantly. His disposition, his dialect, and his whole swag was just at a solid hundred, thousand, trillion, so early in the race. You literally cannot lose with that level of swag. In his brief speech he expressed his sincere gratitude for our support and energized the movement to a level none of us ever would’ve ever expected *NYC went SO HARD for Obama*.

He and Michelle worked the room, shook hands, took pictures, etc. I didn’t have my camera *ugh* & I wasn’t really sure what to say. As he got closer a million different thoughts ran through my mind…and then it was my turn.

So I awkwardly, *and groupied out* said “omg, I just read your book (dreams of my father) and it truly moved me” … He said something sweet back that I don’t recall because it was all a blur *as he gets closer the charm gets more intense* and I could just die, because he really does have that superstar effect on you – even back then. Michelle kept a close watch on the his left (my right) and I thought I should say something to her as well because its rude to not speak to his wife, right? I didn’t want her to think I wanted her man (but I did, and I do)*

So I looked at her and said “omg, you’re tall!”(Who am I? seriously…but she’s really tall 5’10 3/4″!) and she said back “isn’t it just great?!” …. me being me – “it so is!”

And as if it weren’t already my fave physical trait about myself, at that very moment, I thought to myself *being tall just got even better!*

So there’s the point of this whole story. I LOVE being tall! While it may seem like a shallow moment, its more of a tribute to tall chics like me.

So here’s my best/worst things list about being a tall girl (for men, there are 0 downsides to being tall):

Best: people think i’m a model ALL of the time & tell me I could be.

Worst: i’m not a model, no model $.

Best: I weigh FAR more than it appears because its distributed over all 5’10” of me.

Worst: people think I play basketball, & i couldn’t think of a worse insult to me (sorry crys).

Best: I feel just fine in crowds because I can see over everyone’s head.

Worst: I literally have to look down on people and avoid scooting down in pics to normalize short friends.

Best: I can wear or not wear heels and still look tall & thin.

Worst: I LOVE HEELS & will never stop wearing them, but i’m like, way too tall sometimes.

Best: I can reach anything in stores.

Worst: People ask me for help..i guess that’s a good thing tho, no?

Best: It makes me even more like Michelle Obama.

Worst: I have no Barack…(okay that has nothing to do with my height..i’m stretching it now)

Best: I have the anti-napolean’s complex. I am soooo chill & I never need to do anything for attention, its all natural just because I literally stand out in crowds without doing anything.

As you can see my worst list is mostly illegitimate, and being tall totally wins! Here’s a gallery of tall chics who are super hot:




3 thoughts on “A TALL TALE…

  1. love this entry. almost inspires me to make a best/worst list for my short stature (napolean complex included). must admit, however, i’m quite suprised you wouldn’t want to be thrown into the ball playing lesi category. 😉

  2. Hello Kimmy,

    I work with Crystal; She told me to read your blog!! you hit it right on the nose with the best worst list. Us tall girls have to sitick togetehr. I am 6 feet tall and wear heels all of the time. Why shouldn’t we they are fashionable and they are like your best bag they always make you feel great even if you are having a bad day.


  3. thank u so much for reading…i wonder if people who don’t know me would have any interest in my antics..’preciate it

    stay tall 😉

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